A Short Textbook of Psychiatry [Niraj Ahuja] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aims to provide an account of the psychiatric disorders and. Read A Short Textbook Of Psychiatry book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified by Ahuja (Author). out of 5 stars A Short Textbook of Psychiatry has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Table of Contents Diagnosis and Classification in Psychiatry Psychiatric History and Examinat.

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Sexual Disorders The following codes may be used to indicate whether the acute intoxication was associated with any complications: Previously uncommon, cocaine misuse appears to be recently a growing problem in the metros of India.

Severity Severe Mild to moderate 4. Metabolic acidosis or alkalosis vii.

Niraj Ahuja A Short Textbook Of Psychiatry 20th Year Edition Jaypee Brothers Med. Pub. ( 2010)

Motivational enhancement therapy with or without cognitive behaviour therapy and life- style modification is often useful, if available. Naltrexone combined with clonidine, as described above, is a very effective method for detoxification as well as for maintenance treatment. Difficulty in establishing rapport may be encountered more often 6.

Continuum Model Normality as a Continuum: However, they provide unpre- dictable blood levels of disulfiram.

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When the account of historical information given by the patient and the informant s is different, it is shuja to record them separately. Have you ever had to Cut down on alcohol amount? The treatment includes symptomatic management, use of antidepressants and supportive psychotherapy. This should be combined with general care and supportive treatment.

Finally, a comment should be made regarding the reliability of the information provided. Muttering or talking to self non-social speech. IV propranolol, a specific antagonist of cocaine- induced sympathomimetic effects, can be helpful, administered by a specialist. Fatty liver, cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis, liver cell mations carcinoma, liver failure iii. It is important to remember that alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be associated with marked morbidity as well as significant a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja, and it is important to treat it a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja.


Chronic cannabis use some- times leads to memory impairment, worsening a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja relapse in schizophrenia or mood disorder, chronic obstructive airway disease, pulmonary malignancies, alteration in both the humoral and cell-mediated immunity, decreased testosterone levels, anovulatory cycles, reversible inhibition of spermatogenesis, blockade of gonadotropin releasing hormone, and increased risk for the developing foetus if taken during pregnancy.

A score of 2 or a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja identifies problem drinkers. The pistillate form of the female plant is more important in cannabis production Table 4. Visual and also auditory hallucinations and illu- sions, which are often vivid and very frightening. Recurrent and detailed visual hallucinations.

Hypo- and Hyperparathyroidism iv. Urinary and faecal incontinence may develop in later stages. All physicians need to communicate with their patients and a skilful interview can clearly help in obtaining better informa- tion, making a more accurate diagnosis, establishing a better rapport with patients, and working towards better adherence with management plan. Opioid antagonists Opioid antagonists have been in use for a long time but they were either partial antagonists such as nalor- phine or had to be administered parenterally such as naloxone.

Orientation Whether the patient is well oriented to time test by asking the time, date, day, month, year, season, and the time spent in hospitalplace test by asking the present location, building, city, and country and person test by asking his own name, and whether he can identify people around him and their role in that setting. However, a confident diagnosis requires an estimation of the recent urinary amphetamine levels. Later, dysarthria, ataxia and incoordina- tion can occur.

In cases where a cause is not obvious or other contributory causes are suspecteda battery of investigations should be done which can include complete blood count, urinalysis, blood glucose, blood urea, serum electrolytes, liver and renal function tests, thyroid function tests, semm B 12 and folate levels, X-ray chest, ECG, CSF examination, urine for porphyrins, drug screens, VDRL, HIV testing, arterial p0 2 and pC0 2EEG, and brain imaging such as cranial CT scan or MRI scan. Intelligence Intelligence is the ability to think logically, act ration- ally, and deal effectively with environment.

A psychoactive drug is one that is capable of altering the mental functioning. Currently, in most settings, it is considered unethical to use aversion therapy for the treatment of alcohol dependence.


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Amphetamines, hallucinogens, cannabis, disulfiram 2. High doses of cocaine can often lead to seizures, respiratory depression, cardiac arrhythmias, coronary artery occlusion, myocardial infarction, lung damage, gastrointestinal necrosis, foetal anoxia and perforation of nasal septum.

Inability to stop alcohol in the home setting. Alcohol dependence is more common in males, and has an onset in late second or early third decade. In contrast, patients a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja dementia do not often complain of these disturbances. The important clinical signs are: Both social and test judgement are assessed. Treatment As the withdrawal syndrome is usually very mild, the management consists of supportive and symptomatic treatment, if the patient comes to medical attention.

Intellectual and observational ability, 3. Some Important Causes Metabolic Causes i. Head injury, Subarachnoid haemorrhage, Sub- dural haematoma iii.

The other opioid receptors are k kappa, e. These include impairment of consciousness and attention on a continuum from clouding to coma; reduced ability to direct, focus, sustain, and shift attentionglobal disturbance of cognition, psychomotor disturbances, disturbance a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja sleep-wake cycle, and emotional dis- turbances. Neither the publisher nor textboook author assumes responsibility for any possible untoward consequences.

Foetal alcohol syndrome craniofacial anomalies, A. Hypo- and Hyperpituitarism ii. Thought Normal thinking is a goal directed flow of ideas, symbols and associations initiated by a problem or a task, characterised by rational connections between successive ideas or thoughts, and leading towards a reality oriented conclusion.

In addition to oral preparations, subcutaneous a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja implants are also now available. Start with two digit numbers increasing gradually up to eight digit numbers rextbook till failure occurs on three consecutive occasions. nniraj

With increasing intoxication, there is increased reac- tion time, slowed thinking, distractibility and poor motor hsort. Please send your comments by email to STBPsy gmail.