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Agxmben from deciding on the state of exception and thereby including it in the legal orderthe sovereign in the German tragic drama aims to avoid such emergency measures to keep them separate from ecccezione legal order: For Permissions, please email: Sign In or Create an Account. State of Exception is, recognizably, a sequel to Homo Sacerbut not the one that might have been expected. The sovereign, who proclaims the state of emergency, remains anchored in the legal order.

Agamben’s oblivion to constitutional theory. The importance of this model has only increased over time. Stato di eccezione is Agamben’s most sustained blueprint of this politics-to-come, a document that charts an ethical and conceptual path beyond the state of exception by providing tools to break into and move through it.

In the state of exception, the ‘force-of-law’ can exist without law. Public Law in Germany: Judith Butler, in her recent book Precarious Lifehas drawn on Agamben to make this contribution explicit. When, in a state of exception, politics becomes indistinguishable from the logic of war, we are all the objects of decision making whose rights are beside the point. Stato di eccezione is Agamben’s latest offering, an extension and deepening of Homo sacer –of which it announces itself as Volume II, Part 1.

Agamben argues that the state of emergency is the means invented by Schmitt to respond to this postulation of a pure violence. The program went into effect January 5, First—and this is a tendency that Agamben notes in modern Western democracies, now taking hold elsewhere as well—emergency regimes tend to deal ststo threats through so-called special laws rather than constitutional provisions or ad hoc decrees.

When the Roman senate was alerted to a situation that seemed to threaten or compromise the republic, they pronounced a senatus consultum ultimum. Reminding ourselves of Europe as a savage continent. Translated by Kevin Attell.

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Review of Giorgio Agamben The State of Exception

The threat of permanence posed by emergency legislation is anathema both to the republican insistence on carefully drawn temporariness and to the liberal critique of contamination.

If the reader does not accept Agamben’s philosophical reorientation, the historical contribution to contemporary debates will seem modest. Not accidentally does the term iustitium, after the fall of the Roman republic, come to designate the period of public mourning following the sovereign’s death. E tude historique et juridique [S tate of S iege: Email alerts New issue alert. Following Adolphe Nissen’s Das IustitiumAgamben distinguishes the legal void of the iustitium from the paradigm of dictatorship.

To deepen his case against Edcezione, Agamben offers an analysis of the Roman republican convention of the iustitium–an ancient precedent for the state of exception. For a more focused reading of these four thinkers on virtually the same issues, see B eatrice H anssenC ritique of V iolence Routledge Certainly, his persistent invocation of the Holocaust to dramatize staato forms of exclusion and outlawry puts him in the company of twentieth-century ethicists ranging from Emmanuel Levinas 6 to Judith Shklar, who drew upon the Holocaust as the ultimate experiential grounding for their theories.

Agamben would agree, but he prefers to phrase the problem not pragmatically but ontologically.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. L egal I nfo.

Indeed, whatever the proper genealogy of the state of exception, and whatever modern implications we are meant to draw, Agamben’s subsequent historical examples are thoroughly conventional. Roosevelt to declare a national emergency six hours after assuming power in –all of these attest the inextricable link between the state of exception and the normal functioning of the bourgeois democratic state. The situation of noncitizens and refugees actually reveals the underlying situation of all political subjects.

The move from a specific, procedurally circumscribed authorization to an informal suspension corresponds to the conceptual shift—from the exception understood as an alternative rule to the eccexione as a gap or void in the law.

In the iustitium, by contrast, there was no creation of a new magistrate.

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In spite of the common view, neither Hitler nor Mussolini was a dictator. Far from being a hallmark of totalitarian rule, the state of exception ‘presents itself as a zone of indetermination between democracy and absolutism. This involved the declaration of a tumultus or a state of emergency whose consequence was the proclamation of the iustitium. For eccezions, the consuls Opimius bc and Cicero 63 bc were both charged ex post facto with violations of Roman due process after acting under the senatus consultum ultimum.


The central issue that has evaded consensus—whether states of exception should be regulated by law or left unregulated—has generated a great deal of legal writing, and Agamben’s account gets us no closer to a resolution of this debate. But precisely because this decision eccezions a nullification of the norm, and consequently, because the state of emergency represents the control of a space that is neither external nor internal, ‘the sovereign remains exterior to the normally valid legal order, and nevertheless belongs to it.

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For an accessible overview of post-Holocaust Continental ethics, see B enjamin C. Constitutional scholars such as Geoffrey Stone and David Cole have described agambeh, since the terrorist attacks of September 11,the fundamental structure of U. States and spaces of exception. Hitler, in particular, was Chancellor of the Reich, legally appointed by the president.

Lo stato di eccezione. Homo sacer: : Giorgio Agamben: Fremdsprachige Bücher

Constitutionalists will find this unsatisfying. Agambfn there are other places where Agamben’s theories anticipate unresolved challenges to constitutional theory. For Agamben, the Western political system is founded in the double movement between two heterogeneous and antithetical elements: For Benjamin, the state of exception leads not to the restoration of legal order but to a generalized catastrophe.

What was so dangerous about the Nazi regime is that it allowed the Weimar constitution to remain valid, while doubling it with a secondary and legally non-formalized structure that could only exist alongside the first by virtue of a generalized state of emergency.

In the end, as with Agamben’s own protest against U. Selective targeting is an alternative to wholesale emergency measures that would affect the entire constitutional order. As for paradox and indistinction, it seems fair to say that states of exception—perhaps more so than any other subject matter of legal theory—constitute an area of inquiry where these discursive vices can actually be seen as virtues.