The final result was the Bull “Apostolicae Curae”, in which Anglican orders were declared to be invalid. As the Bull itself explains at length, its decision rests on. APOSTOLICAE CURAE. Pope Leo XIII. Apostolic letter of His Holiness by Divine Providence giving judgement on Anglican Ordinations, 13 September 1. Apostolicae curae et caritatis, qua Pastorem magnum ovium, Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum (Hebr. XIII, 20), referre pro munere et imitari, aspirante eius.

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For if by any chance doubt should remain as to the true sense in which these Pontifical documents are to be understood, the principle holds good that “Custom is the best interpreter of law. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

There is a difference between not explicitly intending to cause the effect of a sacrament while still intending to really perform the sacramental act, and explicitly intending to inhibit that effect while still having the correct general intent.

Looking at the Edwardian ordinal, Dix found sufficient mention of the priesthood in the service, the actual formula at the laying on of hands being concerned not only with the priestly act of forgiving sins but also with administering the sacraments and sufficient mention of intention in the prefaces to the ordination rites, to make it impossible to believe that the priesthood was not being conferred and the traditional ministry continued.

An English translation of Apostolicae Curae is available here. Ex hac vero virtute dici vix potest quae ipsos laus maneat in coetibus fratrum per catholicum orbem, quae aliquando spes et fiducia ante Christum iudicem, quae ab illo praemia in regno caelesti! First, this larger context was appealed to in A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And, again, more recently, when it seemed good to Us to treat more fully the unity of the Church in a General Letter, England had not the last place in our mind, in the hope that our teaching might both strengthen Catholics and bring the saving light to those divided from us.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. On this principle rests the doctrine that a Sacrament is truly conferred by the ministry of one who is a heretic or unbaptized, provided the Catholic rite be employed.

These, by the undoubted teaching of the sacred canons, were clearly null if given with any vitiating defect. Catholic Online on Twitter Catholic Tweets.

A Critique of Apostolicae Curae

The same holds good of episcopal consecration. Credo et unam sanctam catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam.

The Question of Anglican Orders rev. These were certainly those promoted according to the new form of rite, to the examination apostoilcae which the Cardinals specially deputed had given their careful attention. Only when these questions have been answered can a decision be made about the validity or otherwise of ordination.

Interea durae gratiaeque divinae patentem cursum ut secundare contendant fideliter, per viscera misericordiae Dei nostri aposyolicae omnes et obsecramus.


Similarly, even if all or most of the strictly theological assertions in A. Anglicanorum coetibus introduces a canonical structure that provides for groups of Anglican clergy and faithful to enter into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church “while preserving elements of the distinctive Anglican spiritual and liturgical patrimony”.

Nor could words express the recognition which this devoted courage will win for them from the assemblies of the brethren throughout the Catholic world, or what hope or confidence it will merit for them before Christ as their Judge, or what reward it will obtain from Him in the heavenly kingdom! Realizing this, Anglicans and Orthodox in their discussions from the s onwards have left the question of valid orders largely to one side, and have concentrated on more substantive and central themes of doctrinal belief.

CATHOLIC LIBRARY: Apostolicae Curae ()

Forma huiusmodi aucta quidem est postea iis verbis, ad officium et opus presbyteri: Having regard to these proposals and desires, and paying heed above all to the bidding of apostolic charity, We resolved for Our part that nothing ought to be left untried which might seem to contribute in any way to averting harm to souls or promoting their well-being. Aposrolicae toto Ordinali non modo nulla est aperta mentio sacrificii, consecrationis, sacerdotii, potestatisque consecrandi et sacrificii offerendi; apostolicaee immo omnia huiusmodi rerum vestigia, quae superessent in precationibus ritus catholici non plane reiectis, sublata et deleta sunt de industria, quod supra attigimus.

We adduce two cases of this kind out of many which have from time to time been submitted to the Supreme Council of the Holy Office. Those faculties were “certainly not intended to deal with an abstract state of things, but with a cjrae and concrete issue.

Apostolicae Curae |

An Introduction to Dogmatic Theology. Hume made these statements in relation to Graham Leonardformerly a bishop of the Church of England, who became a Roman Catholic after retirement and, inwas ordained a priest by Hume. aposto,icae

Let them be the first in joyfully submitting to the divine call and obey it, and furnish a glorious example to others. The intention in question, however, is not the minister’s purely interior intention, of which “the Church does not judge.

For to the formula, “Receive the Holy Ghost”, not only were the words “for the office and work of a bishop”, etc. Atque ii egerunt frustra qui inde a temporibus Caroli I conati sunt admittere aliquid sacrificii et sacerdotii, nonnulla dein ad Ordinale facta accessione: Then, indeed, “They shall draw waters in joy from the fountains of the Saviour”, His wondrous Sacraments, whereby His faithful souls have their sins truly remitted, and apoztolicae restored to the friendship of God, are apsotolicae and strengthened by the heavenly Bread, and abound with the most powerful aids for their eternal salvation.

In more recent times, John Jay Hughes, among a few other Roman Catholic writers, concluded that there were enough flaws in and ambiguity surrounding the pope’s apostolic letter to merit re-examination of the question of the invalidity of Anglican currae orders. The introduction reviews the pope’s benevolent regard toward the people of England, the “common view” that the sacrament of Order lapsed under Edward VI because of the new rite that curar then introduced, and the fact that in recent times many Anglicans have judged their orders valid because they believed in “the excellence of the Christian priesthood.


What even the pope cannot be infallible about While the infallibility of the Church is not restricted to occasional statements defining what is de Fide for Christians, that is formulating dogmas, there are limits, even on Roman theory, to its extent. The intrinsic reason for which Anglican Orders are pronounced invalid by the Bull, is the “defect of form and intention “.

Part three formulates Leo XIII’s negative decision regarding the value of the ordinations given with this ritual. Quae declaratio, nisi apposite ad rem Angliae praesentem, id est ad Ordinale eduardianum, spectare debuisset, nihil certe confecerat Pontifex novis litteris, quo vel haesitationem tolleret vel serenitati conscientiae consulere.

Want to be automatically notified of new documents? There are many complex factors that would require verification in each case. He specifically mentioned obstacles like “lay presidency, the ordination of women, and ethical problems such as abortion and homosexual partnerships.

But not only did the Apostolic See tolerate this practice, but approved and sanctioned it as often as any particular case arose which called for its judgment in the matter.

General Council of Trent, A. Nos autem ea consilia atque optata minime negligentes, maximeque voci obsequentes apostolicae caritatis, censuimus nihil non experiri quod videretur quoquo modo conducere ad animarum vel avertenda damna vel utilitates fovendas. Towards a Truly Catholic Church: He then directed that the acts of those sessions, together with all the documents, should be submitted to a council of cardinals, “so that when all had studied the whole subject and discussed it in Our presence each might give his opinion”.

It is written also, in the Acts of the Apostles, that the disciples which were at Antioch did fast and pray before they laid hands upon or sent forth Paul and Barnabas.

Aposstolicae quo ut recte colligatur quidnam in se commemorata documenta habeant ponderis, sic oportet fundamenti instar statuere, eorum propositum nequaquam a re abstractum fuisse, sed rei omnino inhaerens ac peculiare. What is the sacramental succession and priesthood? Auctoritates quas excitavimus Iulii III et Pauli IV aperte ostendunt initia eius disciplinae quae tenore constanti, iam tribus amplius saeculis, custodita est, ut ordinationes ritu eduardiano, haberentur infectae et nullae, cui disciplinae apostilicae suffragantur testimonia multa earumdem ordinationum quae, in hac etiam Urbe, saepius absoluteque iteratae sunt ritu catholico.

We will that there shall be given to copies of these letters, even printed, provided that they be signed by a notary and sealed by a person constituted in ecclesiastical dignity, the same credence that would be given to the expression of Our will by the showing of these presents. If the Church of England had not believed the two aposgolicae were different, it would not have given different services.