There are 24 types of Asamyuta Hastas. They are: 1. Pataka. 2. Tripataka. 3. Kartarimukha. 4. Ardhachandra. 5. Arala. 6. Sukatunda. 7. Musti. 8. Sikhara. 9. Asamyuta Hastas. Description. Bharatanatyam Single Hand Gestures. Total Cards. Subject. Dance. Level. Not Applicable. Created. 03/28/. Learn more about Mudras in Barata Natyam, such as Asamyuta Hasta, Kartarimukha, Mayura, Ardhacandra, Arala, Sukatunda, mean a lot of.

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Viniyoga Sloka Mangalyasutra bandhechapyupadesha Vinishchayae Romanchae mouktikadoucha Chitrasamlekhanae thatha Damshathua jalabindoucha Deepavartiprasaranae Nikashae shodhanae mallikadou cha Rekhavalekhanae malayaamvahanae Sohambhavanayancha Hastae Naasteetivachanechapi Nikashanamchabhavane Krutakrutyepi Hamsasyaha Eerito Bharatagame.

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Asamyuta Hastas. Single Hands Gestures

Bharata Natyam India is a country where all senses are awakened. Viniyoga Sloka Kumudae bhojanae Panchabanae mudradi dharanae Nabhao cha kadalipushpae Yujyathae mukula karaha. One gesture and meanings are quickly forthcoming. Your email address will not be published.

Art and culture in Tamil Nadu. Learn how your comment data is processed. If the middle finger crosses with the thumb, the index finger is kept bent and the remaining two fingers are pressed against the palm, it is the Tamrachuda hasta. All fingers are straight except the ring finger which comes and touches the thumb.

This hasta is used to describe clouds, forest, river; to open a door, to beat; it is used in Natyarambhe position the beginning of dance. These are asmyuta Viniyoga Slokas. Viniyoga Sloka Kusumaapachayae muktasrakdamnam dharanam Sharamadhyaakarshanam Nagavallipradhanam Kasturikaadivastunam peshana Gandhavasana Vachana Drushti yujyathae katakamukha karaha. When the ring finger of Arala hasta is bent, it is the Shukatunda hasta.


Asamyuta Hastas. Single Hands Gestures

Tanjore painting A very hzstas art, typical of South India, which has emerged asqmyuta the 16th century in the town …. The principal meanings of it are venomamritha eternity liquora strong wind and drinking poison.

The other meanings are: Hotra sacrificeHavya a ritual of fire offeringan umbrella, a garland of flowers, churning. When in the Tripataka hasta the index finger faces the back of the middle finger, it is the Kartarimukha hasta.

The art of wearing the saree, an Indian morning routine How can I wear a saree to feel comfortable with? When the middle finger and the thumb touch each other and the forefinger is bent and the other two fingers are separated and raised, it is the Bhramara hasta.

Is it an object, a direction, an action, a God? Viniyoga Sloka Natyarambhae vaarivahae vanai vastu nishedhanae Kuchasthalae nishayam cha nadyam amaramandalae Turangae khandanae vayo shayanae gamanodyamae Pratapae cha prasadae cha chandrikayam Ghana tapae Kavaadapaatanae saptavibhaktyarthae tharangae Veedi praveshabhavepi samatvae cha angaragakae Aatmarthae shapathae chapae thooshnim bhava nidharshanae Thaalapatrae cha kheitae cha dravyadi sparshanae thatha Aashirvadaekriyayam cha nrupa sreshtasya Thatra Thatreti vachanae sindhyo cha sukruthikramae Sambhodhanae purogaepae khadgarupasya dharanae Masae samvathsarae varsha dinae sammarjanae thatha Yevamardhyeshu yujanthae pataaka hasta bhavanaha.

If all fingers of the Sarpasirsha hasta are stretched out and bent forward besides the thumb and the little finger which are raised upthen it is the Mrigasirsha hasta.

When in Shikhara hasta the forefinger is kept curved and pressed to the thumb, it is the Kapitta hasta. When all fingers are bent towards the palm and the thumb is placed on top of the other four fingers, it is the Mushti hasta.

Each of the hastas can be used to denote various thoughts, ideas and objects. Apart from the suggested viniyogasthe dancer may innovate, if found necessary, to convey the appropriate message to the audience. When the index finger is bent like a bow and the thumb is bent without touching the other fingers and the rest of the fingers are straightened and kept closely together, it is the Arala hasta.


When the fingers in the Padmakosha hasta are bent harder, it is the Urnanabha hasta because it resembles a spider. SITA offers you to discover that dance through classes intended for ….

When all the fingers of the Asamyutq hasta are bent and kept close to one another on their tips, it is the Mukula hasta. For a short while now in SITA, we have been welcoming a new dance class, quite different from the ….

When the little finger is raised up, the ring finger is kept bent and the other three fingers are separated, it is the Langula hasta. Flower garlands class is offering you the opportunity to learn a very meticulous know-how used almost daily by Indian women.

Asamyuta Hasta

Discover our french class, hadtas on a pedagogical and phonetical approach of the language, which allows real progress in speaking …. When the forefinger of the Kapitta hasta is stretched out, it is the Suchi hasta. The Ardhacandra gesture is used to express: Viniyoga Sloka Bilwa patrae tritwayuktae Trishoola karaeritaha.

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