Artículo original / ORIGINAL ARTICLE. La automedicación de antibióticos: un problema de salud pública. Automédication with antibiotics: public health problem. El debate sobre la automedicación. Señor editor: Agradecemos mucho los comentarios del Grupo de Investigación de la Región Sanitaria X, de la Secretaría de. 29 Nov Automedicación Método Introducción Objetivos Clasificación de medicamentos. Hipótesis Automedicación Marco teórico. Factores que.

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Nevertheless, given the paucity of previous research, we consider that our study contributes to increasing the knowledge of medicine use in this population. There is a significant prevalence of self-medication among the elderly. The authors wish to thank Dr. The teachers were briefed about the study objectives and the instructions for filling the questionnaires were given to, who then automedicacin the information to their students.

Automédication with antibiotics: public health problem

Medicamentos de venta libre en el Brasil. J Pediatr Rio J. The students had experienced an average of 7. Knowledge and sources of information about medicines among adolescents in Malta.

Moreover, adolescents may indulge in autonomous health behaviors, use medicine irrationally without adult guidance ,11 and also misuse OTC and prescription drugs to get “high”.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Cross-national variation of gender differences in adolescent subjective health in Europe and North America. Irrational use of antibiotics and role of the pharmacist: As reported in other studies 3,5,analgesics and antipyretics were the medicines most commonly used. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Being a prescription drug in UAE, the sources for this may also be the same as those for antibiotics.


Our study is the first that examined the self-medication practices among the adolescent expatriate population in UAE. The global problem of antibiotic resistance Critical Reviews Immunology ; 30 1: Health complaints experienced in the preceding year 7. Nephrology Therapeutics ; 4 5: How to cite this article. The one year prevalence rate of self-medication did not show any difference with regard to gender in our study.

Self-medication is defined as obtaining and consuming drugs without the advice of a physician to treat self-recognized illnesses or symptoms. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

The female excess observed for certain self-reported health complaints is also observed in other studies. Other studies have likewise identified mothers 3,10 and pharmacists 3,23 as being responsible for advising adolescents. To estimate the prevalence of self-medication in the elderly, to describe the characteristics of self-medication and home medicine cabinets. Present to your audience. Conclusions This is the first study to explore the self-medication practices among adolescent students in UAE and provides baseline data critical in creating awareness about the risks and benefits of self-medication.

Saúde Pública – El debate sobre la automedicación El debate sobre la automedicación

The period prevalence of self-medication was determined as the percentage of users out of the total sample who acquired a medicine that was not prescribed written or recommended orally by a physician. Self-medication patterns in Amman, Jordan. Studies in patients of clinical practice and mental health.


See more popular or the latest prezis. Any student who had a physician parent was not considered to be practicing self-medication. Voluntary participation was stressed upon, confidentiality of data was assured and informed consent was obtained from the participating students.

Automedkcacion average number of drugs self-medicated during the past year and the past two weeks were 4. Health care providers, pharmacists, educators and parents should be actively involved in early health education strategies for establishing responsible use of medicines in this age group.

Strict regulatory strategies should be enforced to limit the import of POM and their sale without prescription. Introduction Self-medication is defined as obtaining and consuming drugs without the advice of a physician to treat self-recognized illnesses or symptoms.

Algunas veces, las automedifacion compran dosis inferiores a las recomendadas porque no pueden costear el tratamiento completo o porque no saben que es automedciacion completar el esquema. Do you really want to automwdicacion this prezi?

The data of students who were self-medicating were further analyzed for sections 3 to 7 of the questionnaire.