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The seed must be watered daily, in the same way, the seed in the form of your thought, must be repeatedly reviewed. The majority emerge their weak thoughts from the outset, in the form of doubting whether or not something will happen. If you do whatever you say, this is called being siddhi swaroop. The power of thought is a faster rocket than an automatic or remote controlled rocket.

This stage is defined as complete surrender. Through the power to cogitate, the soul becomes powerful. In fact, you became beggars, that is, not even your body – the home – belongs to you. The intellect likes that very much. If you want to deliver a vision of shakti swaroopit would become easy to reach up to the power of thought through pure karma. So also the weight of small mistakes forms a burden and prevents you from establishing yourself in the stage of consciousness that you wish.

Avyakt BapDada old Murli Audio clips – Brahma Kumaris

You would never have any waste thoughts bapdaea anyone, or for yourself; then what would be in your attitude? Connection with the Source If someone is a yogi, there will be no need to make the effort to connect with each one individually.

This gathering is of the majority of those who are mature and experienced. Lust means waste drishti. You should therefore consider small mistakes to be large. This is occurring because you are not setting yourselves upon your seat. Therefore The Father is giving you notice because after all He has so much love for you children. Those who are at that stage desire to hear the murli when it is the time afyakt listen to it.

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Is your treasure-store full of all avyakkt Then what would happen? Thus it is in your hands to establish the atmosphere and create the world.

If you become aware of this at that time, then you will not find anything difficult. So keep your thoughts elevated, and in your intellect keep company with the almighty Father. Those two paisas are also received when you are first beaten. Like Father Brahma, every Brahmin should experience that this person is co-operative with me, belongs to me, is light, has no barriers and has a right to altruistic love.

It is also a form of violence to give sorrow to any soul through thought, likewise for taking sorrow from any soul.

Such a concern would be considered an excuse for hiding your own weakness. They attribute it to gross matters, and cannot discern that they performed any sinful action.

Therefore after making the effort, after putting badada time, when the attainment of the evident fruit does not occur, as you move along your enthusiasm diminishes, and you become depressed with yourself, your service companions or the service.

Other than thoughts about returning to the home, you should not go into the details of any other thoughts. You are commenting using your WordPress. This is the work of a holy swan. Waste thoughts sometimes flow a lot in the majority of children.

Whilst serving, become ever-ready by remaining beyond and having an unlimited napdada, and become complete like Father Brahma. If you would avyqkt this power of thought in service, which otherwise goes into waste, then, instead of waste it is turned into powerful thought. If weak thoughts continue to arise within your mind, you will develop the habit of mental weakness.

If all the youth were to maintain courage and enthusiasm and be constantly victorious, they could hoist the flag of victory in the world and tour around the whole world. You must check for this.


What happens is that the weight of those waste thoughts becomes heavy and the weight of positive powerful thoughts becomes light. Just badada everyone loves the moonlight, so too, become those who give the light of knowledge. You create through thoughts as well as through words. Similarly, the sparkling muri are sparkling very well, because the sparkle of each sparkling star is very beautiful.


You cause yourself to get shaken at the foundation of your faith and at the foundation of your many forms of attainments. You create fruitless, waste things, then you have to make a lot of effort to dismantle and remove them.

A court of kings is held to check that all the workers are working correctly. When your world changed, your sanskars changed. The storms of waste thoughts steer gapdada away from being a high-speed effort maker towards being just an effort maker. So, bapdaad are looking so beautiful.

Avyakt BapDada’s Murlis Homework and Hopes for Self Transformation –

None of you are in the stopping stage, are you? You need to economise your thought as well as your time.

Because the power of thought is the most elevated power, it is muril original power. The time for giving teachings through words is over. What is lacking such that you are creating these thoughts? Because there are no baprada thoughts, their intellect remains broad and far-sighted. Regardless of the circumstances, whether mental, physical or regarding someone in your connection, do not allow any thoughts about that soul to persist.

This is another direction. There is so much power in thought that through powerful thoughts you are able to serve the souls of the world.