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But the thousands of books tore the one spirit, embodied in the cathedral, into thou- sands of opinions. Tlierdn lay its subtlety. How are they waiting? It sometimes changed the angle or perspective from scene to scene but never within the same scene.

We can- not hear what she is saying. Hence the film we see on the screen is merely a photographic reproduction, or to be exact, the reproduction of a histrionic performance. By means of the close-up the camera in the days of the silent film revealed also the hidden mainsprings of a life which we had thought we already knew so well.

THEORY OF THE FILM : BELA BALAZS : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

By showing the rider riding and riding again? Nalazs spectator must con- tribute an association of ideas, a synthesis of consciousness and imagination to which the film-going public had first to be educated. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals. In their primitive banality they do not know and do not wish to oc the possibilities of their own medium and squander the rich heritage of the silent film.

For this reason even the sound film still offers the possibihty of a consistent style; for instance a scurrilously grotesque evil-faced personage may, like some hidden family trait, take on a resemblance to the scurrilously grotesque malevolence of the character. In each of the shapes defined by a thousand different outlines we may recog- nize one and the same object, for they all resemble their com- mon model even if they do not resemble each other.

Born Herbert Bauer in in Szeged to German-born parents.

Béla Balázs

The poetic significance of the soliloquy is that it is a manifestation of mental, not physical, loneliness. It is a mysterious, closed train. Tie hero gets into hot water and runs away; he is gilm by one man, by two men, by thirty men and finally by eveiy single character in the film, iTOSpectivc of whether they had anything to do with the fugitive or not.


The content is available under fair use. Nevertheless, even though the film was still only photographed theatre, the wider technical possibilities soon led film producers to photo- graph scenes which would have been impossible on a closed stage and even on an open-air stage of the usual kind-4hc stage of the film play was soon all the earth.

The man who hired her is watching the results from behind a curtain.

But what he did was neverthe- less only photographed theatre. But the new means of expression and the new form-language of film art were not bom until ten or twelve years later, in the United States. Suddenly a light falls on it from one side.

Her face shows a new, by this time threefold, change. When the bwla close- up strips the veil of our imperceptivencss and insensitivity from the hidden little things and shows us the face of objects, it still shows us man, for what makes objects expressive are the human expressions projected on to them.

By the time the character would get to the end of tbe a sentence, his mood may have changed more than once and the words would perhaps no longer be true when he spoke them. A move- ment of a muscle, the slightest hint of any love, tenderness, anxiety, surprise or fear, any indication of what is going on inside him, would betray them both and be their death.

The making of a film is so expensive that only very few nations have a home market sufficient to make film production pay.


Even now we often meet with the paradoxical situa- tion that in the good acting of a good actor things appear perfectly natural, while the photographed reproduction of actual reality does not seem natural at all, as for instance in snapshots of a running man or horse. It is not yet a historical costume that can be beautiful and dignified, however strange it may be— it is merely the fashion of the last year but one which strikes us as rilm. Of course Charlie’s im- mortal figure is not the revolutionary image of the exploited factory worker or agricultural labourer, but that of a ‘Lumpen- proletarian’ who defends himself with charming cunning against the heartlessness of the rich and revenges himself by petty means.

Thelry of the maidens caught his eye and he fell in love with her. The wider space required for a development of their style was provided by the open-ak play, of which the film was a bels image.

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The animals that do not chew lose their teeth. This page has been accessed 3, times. The anatomy of an English aristocrat’s face may bear a noble, handsome expression, the physiognomy of an ancient racial culture. He leads our eye inexombly from detail to dtei ttong tite line of his mintage. He does not utter a word, only turns his theoru away.

Pabst ‘s film of Die Dreigroschenoperwhich became the object of belw scandal and lawsuit by Brecht who admitted baoazs not reading the script during production. But let no one think that I want to bring back thf culture of movement and gesture in place of the culture of words, for neither can be a substitute for the other.

Email alerts New issue alert. So the art of the film did not automatically grow out of the French cinematographic camera, nor was it a mechanical result of the general laws of vision. Hence the most deep-felt human soliloquies could not find expression on the stage.

Here the close-up was needed to show us the individual differences between one Chinese and the other, one Negro and the other. The simplified acting demanded by the close-up conformed to the new taste for the objective and unromantic and this cir- cumstance did fiml to popularize the American style of act- ing in Europe. But in the film a lot of things can happen even when the characters are motion- less. Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account?

Béla Balázs – Wikipedia

The cameraman’s vision, his artistic beka work, the expression of his personality, can be seen only in the screen projection. But such strange stories as those Chinese tales could easily have been bom in the brain of a Hollywood American. It was turned into a com- modity capable of being reproduced in unlimited quantiticji, and distributed at low cost.

But even so every speaking face on the screen retained an expressiveness just sufficient theorry render unpalatable the syn- chronized substitution of another language for the original.

Iliey would one and all I think, have cried to the heavens: You may see a medium shot of someone sitting and conducting a conversation with icy calm.