Struktura organizacyjna przedsiębiorstwa by Henryk Bieniok(Book) Zarządzanie czasem: poradnik dla mało efektywnych by Henryk Bieniok(Book). 21a22). As Bieniok writes (, p. 21): rTime . Source: L.J. Seiwert: Zarządzanie czasem. Czas w ekonomii: sposoby interpretacji czasu w teorii ekonomii. Source: own study based on Bieniok Currently, the public is very sensi- .. Bieniok, H. (), Zarządzanie czasem: porad- nik dla mało efektywnych.

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There is forbidden to publish the same research in more one journal. Journal of Small Business Management51 3. To not retain or copy the manuscript. The languages of the Journal is english, polish, russian.

An Anthropological Perspective, L. To strive to meet the needs of readers and authors.

Whoever informs the editor or publisher of such conduct will provide sufficient information and evidence in order for an investigation to be initiated.

We consider it an essential part of our czzsem responsibilities as editors to be aware of and to meet these challenges and to develop strategies for coping with them. In any event, the author should be given the opportunity to respond to any allegations.

Bieniok, Henryk

A leader is not an obedient performer of tasks but a creator of new activities and relationships. Authors should declare any potential conflict of interest that could be considered as undue influence considered or viewed as exerting an undue influence on his or her duties at any stage during the publication process.

Part II Issue The aim of the Journal is to publish high quality papers in the field of: To provide double blind peer review process and preserve anonymity of reviewers. Annual Review of Anthropology, zarxdzanie Our Journal offers access to its content on Open Access basis under the terms of the Creative Commons license Attribution 4.


Any detected cases of misconduct, whether on the part of authors, reviewers or editors, will be vigorously pursued. Sign in to annotate.

We expect the same awareness of our journal’s peer reviewers. To constantly improve the quality of journal. Management Science36 4. Management Science33 This can be done in electronic format. In this article the author attempts to present an idea that entrepreneurship understood as abilities and skills, which shape new organizational reality, flexibility and risk tolerance are the essential factors that create a leadership relationship. It is assumed that there is a relationship between entrepreneurship and organizational leadership.

Author’s should maintain accurate records of data associated with their zatzdzanie manuscript, and to supply or provide access to these data, on reasonable request.

Integrity in research publication has become a major issue of debate over the past years. Editor-in-chief after a czzasem review article by the Editors Board send the peaper to two reviewers.

Journal of Zarzdzannie Psychology, Vol.

Organization and Management Series are seriously concerned about the increase of plagiarism and other forms of fraud and misconduct in academic publishing.

The editor, in consultation with the publisher, should make the decision czasrm or not to involve the employers. Assessment of the current state All our authors are obliged to participate in peer review process.

Issue 1 First Online: Call, J, Carpenter, M. To alert the editor to any published or submitted content that is substantially similar to that under review.

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Zarządzanie czasem by Linda Piniuta on Prezi

Additionally they should to provide the editor with a copy of any submitted manuscript that might contain overlapping or closely related content. Major challenges for organizations Minor misconduct might be dealt with without the need to consult more widely.

Journal of Intercultural Management red. To give authors a reasonable opportunity to respond to any complaints.

Serious misconduct might require that the employers of the accused be notified. Entrepreneurship is treated in the accepted sense as learned skills and abilities in the process of cultural inheritance of attitudes and behavior patterns existing in family, neighborhood, places in society and environment.

Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology. Organization and Management Series:

To provide monitoring process of any violation of ethical issues. The form of paper The article should refer to the scientific discussion in our journal. Organization and Management Series Journal do their best to ensure fair, unbiased, and transparent peer review processes and editorial decisions.

To correct the paper when the errors are found in the paper. The inner experienceIrvington, Nowy Jork. Documentation associated with any such complaints should biehiok retained. Part I Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume: To publish a description of peer review processes To publish guidance to reviewers on everything that is expected of them.

Dealing with unethical behavior.