Jan 30, Dogra Magra (or, in its literal Romanization, Dogura Magura) was the most famed of many works by author Yumeno Kyūsaku (). Bless the people of France! They had traslated Kyusaku Yumenno’s masterpiece Dogra Magra (Japanese original title: Dogura magura)! If you had it in your. Ichiro Kure (Yoji Matsuda) emerges from a coma to find himself in a psychiatric hospital. One doctor tells Ichiro that he is hospitalized because he has murdered .

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View All Photos 1. The story begins with a young man waking up only to find himself in an asylum, he is then checked on by a doctor, who claims he is he Bless the people of France!

Yumeno Kyūsaku

Masaki concluded that Ichiro Kure’s case arose because of the effect of a psychological inheritance from his ancestors buried deep in his psyche in a latent state. What kind of life had Ichiro Kure’s mother led after running away from the Kure family?

The late Kyusaku Yumemo this pen name actually means ‘A Dude Who Daydreams Too Much’ was a novelist who had a reputation which is similar with Edogawa Rampo’s, and both authors shared similar taste for the dark side of human nature, nightmarish events, madness and gruesome crime. My own appreciation for Dogura Magua has been colored by this, since I’ve only been able to approach it in bits and pieces — via the original text, which my own stumbling understanding of Japanese only allowed me to approach so much; via the French translation, which again I could only close in on so much because of my skills with that language although I was able to make more headway there, I admit ; and through three adaptations into other media: Then again, scientific accuracy isn’t remotely the point.


A young man, haunted by his past, travels the land in search of the lyrics to a lullaby his mother used to sing to him. I watched the movie version of Dogra Magra a few years back and still own the DVD, sadly I can’t find any beautiful movie photos online Basically the movie is a tangle of lies, sex and death and madness.

Michael Emmerich on Dogura magura (“Dogura Magura”) by Yumeno Kyusaku | Quarterly Conversation

Masaki created and proved the validity of a revolutionary new theory based on pure science, and that he died a month ago. Ichiro Kure Yoji Matsuda emerges from a coma to find himself in a psychiatric hospital. For one, Doguar think we can safely leave the look of the Manga de Dokuha version out.

Dennis Wong rated it liked it Jul 04, The great masterwork of modern Japanese fiction, by one of dlgura all-time luminaries, has been translated multiple times, each version its own testament to the complexities of translation as an art. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Dogurq May 24th by Picquier first published October There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Dogura Magura in particular should have dated very badly indeed, in big part because of its heavy reliance on Freudian psychology and its markedly unscientific notions about human memory and biology.

Unfortunately, it seems to be an adaptation of the original only in the loosest sense. For My Crushed Right Eye Season 11 The Flash: Requires patience to read through it.

Dogra Magra

An angst-ridden teen dealing with his dysfunctional family hits the streets. The trials and tribulations of Eddie and other transvestites in Japan. Ichiro is basically a metaphor for Japanese youth, or, more specifically, Japan itself.

Confined there for having attempted to murder his wife and mother, the doctors there seem quite eager to explain his behavior by way of a pet theory of theirs. Search for ” Dogura magura ” on Amazon. Related Products Product purchases support their creators and this site.

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Keishi Masaki are employed therapeutically. Detective Fiction and Japanese Culture hints that Ichiro was conceived as part of an experiment to validate the scientists’ maghra, human morals be damned. However, if you don’t like mind-fuck and narrators talking like crazy people, you probably wouldn’t enjoy Yumeno’s works. It was not until his first novella, Ayakashi no Tsuzumi Apparitional Hand Drum, in the literary magazine Shin-Seinen that his name became known.

Let’s Animate This: ‘Dogura Magura’ | Ganriki

Dogra Magra exemplifies modern Japanese avant-garde gothic literature. Oscar Roche rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Maguea works best as a curio for those interested in the extreme fringes of Japan’s live-action cinema, and those who have some inkling of what they’re getting into when they watch it.

Dogura Magura ‘s convolution and narrative trickery all but guaranteed most people would consider it unfilmable, but most people were not Toshio Matsumoto. Ikkei rated it liked it Jan 20, Reading Dogra Magra is like experiencing an incoherent nightmare, like being trapped in an asylum with the key thrown away Oct 06, Veterini rated it it was ok Shelves: Chandler Zhao rated it really liked it Nov 09, With every new plot twist, every new revelation provided by the two doctors, the viewer grows more and more confused and starts wondering is there even a mafura to this absurd puzzle.