Page 1. A-PDF Merger DEMO: Purchase from to remove the watermark. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Domebook 1, Pacific Domes , by Lloyd Kahn, Robert Easton and others. previously here · ∞ · Prev / Next. Dome Book 1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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My uncle and his family lived in one for while, so I got to see the inside of one. Domes made that way hold up very well.

Large internal stresses develop, and this cycling from relative expansion tends to cause leaks at joints. Domebook 2 Kahn and Pacific Domes That was the best they could do? Windows dmoebook even worse problems. Very dome-esque, if you can fashion such a word.

A more subtle problem was discovered later. Some radomes in the Arctic have been surviving winters for years now. You might be surprised at how many people are interested in books like those.

Domebook 1 & 2 » Domerama | Drivhuse, domes, in | Pinterest | Dome structure and Geodesic dome

And check out that font used for the title and headings! My dad sold and built geodesic domes and we lived in one from the time I was 8 to when I graduated from high school. This is a classic! But yeah, the book is a weeder since most new construction is built to be domenook permanent.


Dome Houses

I thought it was just about the greatest thing I had ever seen. The hippie dome movement, as led by Kahn, encouraged do-it-yourself dome making from “natural” or even found materials. Obviously a dome house is for hippies. I really wonder if if they ever moved in or are living in it now….

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This doesn’t work as well. Some of the coolest and most innovative house designs are also the least livable. The reason these never caught on is because they leak. You can get some domes that are a thin layer of concrete on the outside, then a layer of NASA-type styrofoam for insulation, then gypsum roofing tiles on the inside. Buckminster Fuller must be so disappointed. WeedingGirl, sustainable building topics are actually very domrbook.

Thomas Edison took a bath when his concrete house turned out to be not one of his better inventions. Any conventional appliances placed against walls would leave large gaps.

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Such parts are cheap when made in bulk. What is the resale value of one of these domes? Remember the all-glass house from the s?

I’ve interpreted Kahn’s main objections to be that the dome shape is difficult to efficiently partition for human living.

Maybe you want to update your collection. You could put some plumbing and electrical back there, but it would still be inefficient use of space. Kahn, who wrote that, now says it was all a big mistake.

Even hippies get tired of living with water dripping onto their heads from thirty feet in the romebook eventually.

That, and the fact that conventional house designs are effective with natural and found materials, and you have xomebook beat. Could you weed that book over to my personal library?

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