E/ECE/ E/ECE/TRANS/ } Rev.1/Add/Rev Regulation No. 48 page 3. Regulation No. UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING. Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with. Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of.

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For vehicles of M and N Categories a description of the electric power supply conditions for the devices indicated in Paragraphs 2. If a power-driven vehicle is equipped to draw a trailer the hazard warning signal control shall also be capable of bringing the direction-indicator lamps on the trailer into action. If necessary, in order to verify the conformity to the prescriptions of the present Regulation, layout drawing s for each individual lamp showing the illuminating surface as defined in paragraph 2.

In case of a light source module: For motor vehicles, the length of the vehicle excluding the cab, or in the case of tractors for semi-trailers, if fitted, the length of the cab.

Regulation 49 – 06 series (click to expand)

In case of adaptive front-lighting systems AFS: Position of the approval mark: For M 1 and N 1 category vehicles: The initial downward inclination of the cut-off to be set in the unladen vehicle state with one person in the driver’s seat shall be specified within an accuracy of one decimal place by the manufacturer and indicated in a clearly legible and indelible manner on each vehicle close to either the front fog lamp or the manufacturer’s plate or in combination with the indication referred to in paragraph 6.


If the vehicle is fitted with a manual headlamp-levelling system, the latter shall be adjusted to the positions specified by the manufacturer for given loading conditions according to Annex 5. The control of the main-beam headlamps may be automatic regarding their activation and deactivation, the control signals being produced by a sensor system which is capable of detecting and reacting to each of the following inputs: This information shall remain displayed as long as the adaptation is activated.

And for a trailer, when the trailer is connected to a drawing motor vehicle in the conditions as prescribed in Paragraph 2. Any vehicle approved pursuant to this Regulation shall be so manufactured as to conform to the type approved by meeting the requirements set out in Paragraphs 5. The rear-end collision alert signal shall operate independently of other lamps. It shall be activated by the signal produced according to paragraph 6.

In such cases, it may be turned “off” manually. At least one side retro-reflector shall be fitted to the middle third of the vehicle, the foremost side retro-reflector being-not further than 3m from the front. In the absence of specific instructions lamps constituting a pair shall: The initial aim shall be set between: The number of this Regulation, followed by the Letter “R”, a dash and the approval number to the right of the circle prescribed in Paragraph 4.

Direction-indicator lamp Regulation No 6. If the distance between the front direction-indicator lamp and the daytime running lamp is equal or less than 40mm, the electrical connections of the daytime running lamp on the relevant side of the vehicle may be such that either: A line marking may be installed instead of the mandatory contour marking if the shape, structure, design or operational requirements of the vehicle make it impossible to install the mandatory contour marking.

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For other applications of the cee surface, e.

EUR-Lex – X(03) – EN – EUR-Lex

Any variations of the luminous intensities or alignment shall be performed automatically and in such a way that no discomfort, neither for the driver nor to other road users, is caused. As of [update]the participants to the Agreement, with their UN country code, were:.

We do not re-word, summarise, cut or interpret the regulatory documents. Orientation Towards the front. The visibility of red light towards the front and of white light towards the rear shall be checked in accordance with paragraph 5.

It shall remain activated while the failure is present. Of customs seals affixed to the vehicle, and of devices for securing and protecting such seals.

As low as practicable within the range: If bend lighting is produced by a horizontal movement of the whole beam or the kink of the elbow of the cut-off, it shall be activated only if the vehicle is in forward motion; this shall not apply if bend lighting is produced for a right g48 in right hand traffic left turn in left hand traffic. Arrangement No special requirement.

A circle surrounding the Letter “E” followed by the distinguishing number of the country which has granted approval 4.