The present continuous is used to talk about present situations which we see. We use the present simple to talk about actions we see as long term or. We use the present perfect when we want to look back from the present to the .

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She doesn’t come here very often. That will be Mark. They cannot be reused on any other Web site, be it Internet or Intranet, without Pearson’sexpress permission. Formerly, in older grammar, ‘shall’ was used as an alternative to ‘will’ with ‘I’ and ‘we’. Something to remember for the future.

For any snglishgrammarsecrets on the site, please email Pearson Brown.

Enviado por Glauce flag Denunciar. A memory of the past. We use ‘can’ to talk about ‘ability’. The Present Perfect Continuous can be used to talk about an action or actions that started in the past and continued until recently or that continue into englishgrammxrsecrets future. In formal English, we would use a possessive with the —ing form.

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English Grammar Secrets

We use the passive form when we don’t know who did the action. It always includes ‘now’.

We use the present simple to talk about actions we see as long term or permanent. We use time expressions like ‘yesterday’, ‘ago’, ‘last year’, ‘in ‘ with the past simple. I no longer smoke. Read the rest of this only if you want to know more about how some older speakers still use ‘shall’.

These sentences are in the past with no connection to the present. They are all to do englishgrammarswcrets the present or are ‘timeless’. We use ‘can’ in offers, requests and instructions.

English Grammar Secrets — HCC Learning Web

We use time expressions like are ‘ever’, ‘never’, ‘since’ with the present perfect. They drive to the office every day. Here, we are talking about our thoughts and feelings at the time of speaking. Stay at home and rest up. She doesn’t want you to do it. Enviado por Glauce flag Denunciar.

When we do use ‘shall’, it has englishrgammarsecrets idea of a more personal, subjective future.

Interested in the past. Does the class begin at 10 or 11 this week? Do you understand engllishgrammarsecrets I am trying to say.


The past simple is used to talk about actions in the past that have finished. The news usually starts at 6. Come in and sit down. We use the passive form when what englishgrammarsecretd done is more important than who did it.

Copyright Pearson Brown and Caroline Brown You may give copies of this ebook to your friends, colleagues and students www.

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We use ‘can’ to ask for and give permission. Take that chewing gum out of your mouth. Please start without me. We can englushgrammarsecrets the imperative to give instructions.

english grammar secrets caroline brown and pearson brown

We use it when reporting engilshgrammarsecrets said in the past. Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year. I stopped what I was doing and had a cigarette. Here, we are talking about future facts, usually found in a timetable or a chart.