Ernst F.W. Alexanderson, in full Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson, (born Jan. 25, , Uppsala, Swed.—died May 14, , Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.). Ernst Alexanderson ( – ); a Swedish-American electrical engineer, a pioneer of radio and television development; received US patents. The man who developed the high frequency generator that made this possible, and much more, was Dr. Ernst Alexanderson. Ernst Alexanderson. Alexanderson .

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General Electric, which controlled the technology refused the Marconi alexaneerson and backed the new corporation of which Dr.

Learn more about vacuum tubes here. Valdemar Poulsen Gold Medal. He was a founding member alecanderson the Lake George Yacht Club. Alexanderson died in at age His second patent for improvement of the AC motor hit a snag when Steinmetz reviewed it and discovered a problem with the design.

By his group was able to broadcast mechanical television into the home and in General Electric gave the first large screen demonstration of television in a theatre in Schenectady. While some history texts like to look for a single inventor or television it is not really possible to isolate one person.

Ernst Alexanderson

Pierce Jay Wright Forrester J. In he patented a selective-tuning device for radio receivers, which became an integral part of modern radio systems. First Long Distance Voice Transmission: Alexanderson, consulting alexanverson of the Radio Corporation of America and the General Electric Company and his assistants.

Graphics and photos must retain the Edison Tech Center watermark or captions and remain unmanipulated except for sizing. They wanted exclusive use of the Alexanderson Alternator. Today we can use vacuum tubes or solid state technology to amplify electric signal, but in the time of Alexanderson those tools were not available.

He took a trip to the West Indies and owned many boats at Lake George. Hurtles to high speed rotating machines included elastic deformation of the spinning disk, which changes the electrical properties. His father, Aron M.

Because of an aptitude for mechanics, he entered the Royal Technical University in Stockholm and was graduated as an electrical and mechanical engineer. Radio technologytransmission and detection of communication signals consisting of electromagnetic waves that travel through the air in a straight line or by reflection from the ionosphere or from a communications satellite.


In the summer of Mr. Alexanderson, IRE Alexamderson,invented a self-exciting alternator. It was one of the alexaneerson devices capable of generating continuous radio waves needed for transmission of amplitude modulation by radio unlike the spark-gap transmitters and arc converters also used at the timeand was used for a short period through the s in the first AM eernst transmitters, until it was replaced by vacuum tube transmitters. His numerous alexxanderson and other achievements gained him recognition as one of the most outstanding members of the electrical engineering profession during a career of over a half century.

These currents would be used to generate a continuous, dependable wave for radio transmission and thus enable a broadcast of more complexity. One of his early radio alternators was ernsg by Reginald Fessenden for experiments with voice and music broadcasts from a station in Brant RockMA, in December For example television requires the loudspeaker for voice reproduction, ernsy CRT for image, radio transmission and camera technologies all to be caught up with one another.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Steinmetz fell into Alexanderson’s hands in Berlin he was able to read the volume. Retrieved from ” https: The Alexanderson mechanical alternator: Its system of amplification and control originally was designed for use in steel mills, but later hundreds of other eenst, including an adaption to fire antiaircraft guns during World War II.

By Alex had created a kHz 20k rpm alternator, breaking all previous records. Schenectady Historical Society The Schenectady Museum Edison Tech Center If you are a historian and wish to correct facts or publish a commentary or embedded article feel free to contact us. Contact us for legal permissions and fees.

Ernst F.W. Alexanderson | American electrical engineer |

Scott Frank Conrad Edwin W. Alex passed away in Alexanderson is also mentioned in connection with the emergence of the patent system, that he was partially critical to.


Ernst was very active and got a total of patents granted. The inventor and engineer remained active to an advanced age.

Alexanderson alxeanderson from GE in although he continued as a consultant to the company for several more years. Alexanderson retired from his full-time position with General Electric in but continued to act as an engineering consultant. After a sinking incident in where wireless successfully summoned nearby ships to help, it became apparent that wireless should be required for ships.

During his work on the alternator Alexanderson advanced the engineering field by coming up with a new empirical formula for air friction loss on a rotating ernet. On Christmas Eve ofit enabled this station to transmit the first broadcast of entertainment and music in history. The Innovative and Tenacious Alexanderson Alexanderson’s first alexandeerson was for a reverse-current relay for protecting against short circuit faults.

Ernst F. Alexanderson

Schenectady, New YorkUnited States. Steinmetz used numbers and algebra to analyze electric circuits, whereas previously engineers used graphical representations of circuits. Generators also produce the electrical power required for automobiles, aircraft, ships, and trains.

He had been employed at General Electric for only a short time when GE received an order from Canadian-born professor and researcher Reginald Fessendenthen working for the US Weather Bureau, for a specialized alternator with much higher alezanderson than others in existence at that time, for use as a radio transmitter. He invented the Alexanderson alternatoran early radio transmitter used between alexandeson the s for longwave long distance radio transmission. Ginsburg John R.

Ernst F. Alexanderson – Electrical Pioneer

Alexanderson made impractical inventions work better become cost effective. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution erhst keeping a few points in mind. Alexanderson was anxious to put his knowledge to practical use.