Gandavyūha Sūtra, Mahāyāna Buddhist sūtra that forms the climax of a larger text, the Avataṃsaka Sūtra. The Avataṃsaka Sūtra was most likely composed in. The Gandavyuha sutra. -. ¯. ¯ is a Maha¯ya¯na text composed sometime in the first several centuries CE, which relates the tale of a young layman’s quest for. Gandavyuha Sutra: List of Teachers | Sudhana | Maitreya & Sudhana | Sutra of Golden Light The Gandavyuha, often referred to as an independent sutra, is the.

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They see this city according to the purity of their minds. But how can I know the practice of the bodhisattvaswho are like wind shattering the mountains of attachmentwho are like thunderbolts splitting asunder the mass of self-obsession?

Gandavyuha Sutra | Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing – eBooks | Read eBooks online

Producing the ultimate bliss of the enlightened. Go ask him how to learn and practice the conduct of the bodhisattvas and become familiar gandzvyuha their work, and how the mind is to be observed. Before long the sun set, and he longed to see the night goddess Vasanti, considering her as a spiritual benefactor.

The wife of the king was me. Indriyeshvara, Male, boy, Sumukha Go ask him how to learn and carry out the practice of the bodhisattvas.

Sudhana went up to him, paid his ustra, and explained his intent to achieve perfect enlightenment. Their bodies and minds were cooled, enraptured, inspired with reverence, divested of conceitfreed from deception.


Gandavyūha Sūtra

The sutra also touches on the subject of the development of the “aspiration for Enlightenment” Bodhicitta to attain supreme Buddhahood. Arriving at the palace, Sudhana found hundreds of thousands of people going in. Gandavyuh can I become a guide, to show them what to do? Achala said to Sudhana:.

He saw many millions of beautiful girls adorned with all kinds of jewelry, dressed in heavenly clothesskill in all forms of love play. Jayottama, Male, city elder, Nandihara, Sudhana seemed to be with one buddha for a day and a night, with another buddha for two weeks, with another buddha for a month, with another buddha for a year, with another buddha for a century, with another buddha for a millennium, with another buddha for a million years, with another buddha for a billion years, with another buddha for countless eons.

When Sudhana reached the city of Sumukhanear a river junction he saw Indriyeshvara with ten thousand other boys playing in the sand.

Sudhana paid his respects and took leave of Indriyeshvara. Then, after satisfying them, he explained the Teaching to them. Vidvan was seated on a jeweled pedestal, beneath a canopy of jewelswith celestial pennants and banners flying above.

The King was young and handsome, with the marks of a great man. Retrieved from ” http: Vasumitra, Female, lay woman, Durga Land, All those who came to Asha came face to face with the ocean of all the media through which to concentrate the mindand they made their initial vows and gandavyuh in motion all means of practice. She was well versed in all the arts and sciencesand she had mastered all aspects of the expedient means used by bodhisattvas.


The King looked over the assembly of countless petitioners, with various needs and desirescoming from various places, speaking in various languagesall looking to him as the one they could rely on, as a bodhisattva.

I see whatever buddha I wish to see in whatever time in whatever abode taking part in whatever teaching activity. Sensing Sudhana’s approach, a million earth goddesses said to one another: Whose minds are liberated from all attachments.

These gandavyyha are aware how hard it is for people to understand, focus on, or perceive clearly the realm of the knowledge of enlightened ones. The desperate people streamed in to the capital city and surrounded it. Internet URLs are the best. Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon.

But how can I know the practices of the dutrawho rain down all kinds of offerings for the buddhasto serve all buddhas and develop and guide sentient beings?