Intraday Trading using Gann square of 9 Calculator Most of his works are based on astronomy, geometry, astrology and ancient mathematics. Most of these. Nifty Intraday Forecasts Report for 2nd May to 31st May based on book- Predicting The Nifty & Sensex · admin · May 29, · Financial Astrology, Gann . 10 Jun This has to do with the “law of vibration” as Gann used to refer to it. Since the reversal was based on the trine aspect of degrees, then the.

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Now, usually, Sagittarian moves are unduly optimistic. A perfect trade set-up happens to unfold on Monday, May 17th,when the Moon forms a trine aspect to the planet Jupiter at Square of nineSquare of and the Hexagon are some of the many works from Gann that are popular.

There are quite a few online calculators that seem to simplify Gann analysis for you, but it is risky, to say the least. The number 12 corresponds to the aspect of if you divide this number by But, there is another view that is VERY emphatically different.

Gann Astrology – Institute of Financial Astrology

There is a big difference between forecasting prices and trading prices, which traders need to be careful about. The Square of nine or Gann Square or Master Chart is also known as the square root calculator and finds its basis from Gann’s methods which is squaring price and time. Readers will themselves be solely responsible for any of their investments or trading in the indices, stocks or in future contracts in the stock markets and for any financial gains or loss arising out of it.

Now, I realise this might all seem a bit complicated – especially to those without any training in astrological symbolism. Since price zstrology at the correct price level almost at the precise time of the aspect, this triggers a reversal back up based on price equaling time.

In all cases, after learning or completing the course, investors and traders shall do their own research before venturing into investment or trading in the actual markets and shall understand there may be many unforeseen or news based risks in the actual market while investing or trading and such adversities shall only be handled carefully by usage of strict stoploss everytime.


I do not have any vested interest in any particular index or stock or the sector of the stock or commodity markets, though may have time to astology investments in one or more stocks or index or commodities as a normal investor. The next sets of important numbers are the ones that fall within the Cardinal Cross and the Ordinal Cross.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. When the planets are in sextile or trine, energy patterns do not conflict with each other. That would be at or 9 pts. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and, often, Neptune. The square of 9 is a spiral of zstrology with the initial value “1” starting off at the center.

The perfect trade set up unfolds when price, trending lower, hits the price target, one tick away at Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? I use astrllogy 4 minute time frame because it is based on the rotation of the earth which moves roughly at the rate of 1 degree astrologgy 4 minutes. For example, when you take a number, such as 54 from the above square, the value to the next of it to the right29, is derived as follows:.

A Look at Intraday ‘Gann Astrology’

Newer Post Older Post Home. Hard aspectsthe conjunction, opposition, or square, to any of the other planets tend to suggest a bad mood Moon with the potential for prices to fall. Blog – Latest News You are here: Feel free to contribute! Gnn initial stop loss placement is just below the planetary lines.

Your email address will not be published. There are many online Gann square of nine calculators that claim to the rest of the hard work. Therefore, to trade based on Gann’s methods requires some serious practice and significant effort on the part of the day trader.

Squares, circles, and triangles are the three most common geometric shapes that form the basis for most of Gann’s works on analyzing the financial markets. One of the strongest of all possible daily trade set-ups occurs when price is at the correct planetary price level at or very close to the time of a planetary aspect.


Besides the Gann square of nine, drawing a circle connecting the four corners of the squares brings the concept of angles into perspective.

In fact, the move could already be underway, having started as soon as the previous Moon aspect finished.

The scales shift back and forth, weighing the speculation of Leo against the critical examination of Virgo, to try to find direction for the next move. Since Jupiter is currently in the early part of Taurus, the Moon and Jupiter will be fkr and, rather than slow down, the symbolism points towards steady, solid rises.

Although any method can succeed in astology only if it succeed in the past but still past success does not guarantee any future success for any method taught within the course. Profit targets are also predetermined by the planetary price lines and technical tools are always used for entry and stop-loss points once a new trend is established.

Price never traded lower than These planetary lines will be very close together on this day with astrollogy Moon exactly crossing the Jupiter and Saturn lines at the time of the aspect. Notice these levels are all at 6 pt. The malefic planets are: This, besides the point that there are so-called many “Gann experts” where each claims to have the right understanding of Gann’s methods, makes it even more complex for the average day trader. Any move which starts under the Arien influence can be expected to consolidate for a day or two, or at least slow down.

The degrees are said to be associated with time, which is irrelevant especially when you are using the Gann square of nine chart for day trading. The trading concepts used by William Delbert Gann or W. If you find that Price simply flatlines as the Moon is heading astrolgoy a nice aspect with Jupiter, the probability is that markets are in a downtrend and will continue falling as soon as the aspect is finished.