GST E (02). REFUND CLAIMED. PAYMENT ENCLOSED. BALANCE(add lines A and B). If the result is negative, enter a minus sign in the. 28 Aug The payment forms and remittance vouchers listed below are not GST62, Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Return. 15 Jun If a personalized return form is misplaced or not received from the CRA, a standard return Form GST62, GST / HST (non-personalized) may be.

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It has a spelling mistake.

GST/HST related forms and publications

If you want to find gst6 how to use taxes in Kashoo when entering income and expenses, please go here. Once you fill that in, two more fields will show up.

Fill in the Pay To as the Receiver General if you don’t have the Supplier set up, add it and the Terms or Payment Account according to whether or not you will be paying your remittance at forn time of filing or not if paying at the time of filing, choose a Paid account, like your bank account, otherwise choose an Unpaid Accounts Payable account, like Due on Receipt.

Report a problem or mistake on this page.


The difference is, you guessed it, whether the form is personalized to your business or not. Did this answer your question? Just remember, that whether or not you owe money, you still need to file with the gwt62.

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If you happen to receive a refund lucky you! Order a remittance voucher by phone These forms and vouchers are available only in personalized, pre-printed format. Login error when trying to access an account e. You will not receive a reply. There are a few important dates to be aware of: For, institutions will not accept payments submitted with photocopies of these forms and vouchers, since photocopies do not contain magnetic ink.

These forms and vouchers are available only in personalized, pre-printed format. My Service Canada Account. Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”.

Make sure to choose a Date and Supplier name to see the bill. Don’t forget to file your taxes with CRA.

The steps above showed an example where money was owed to the CRA. Thank you for your help! Please select all that apply: If you did not pay the bill at the time of filing though, follow the instructions below.

You can access it here.

The payment forms and remittance vouchers listed below are not available for download on our website due to the technical requirements. To order a remittance voucher by phone: For filing PST, please find the website of your province’s tax agency and you can follow our general tax filing instructions found in the Remitting Sales Taxes article.


Gs6t2 CRA has a website set up to help you out, which you corm find here. Once you are ready to file, select the File Sales Tax button to create the appropriate transaction in Kashoo and remember, this only files the tax within Kashoo, you still need to separately file the taxes with the CRA.

These tags are only available for Financial Institutions. To order a remittance voucher by phone:. For help completing your remittance voucher go to Get gsst62 with your remittance voucher. Make sure you know these dates and file your taxes by the Due date.

Get help with your remittance voucher For help completing your remittance voucher go to Get help with your remittance voucher. Kashoo does not do this for you. Business employees and representatives: