Dunmanifestin Limited/Narrativia Limited/Paul Kidby. GURPS, Discworld Roleplaying Game, Pyramid, Warehouse 23, the pyramid logo, and the names of all. Gurps Discworld [Phil Masters, Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Events on the Discworld have been. ANOTHER CAVEAT: I play games using GURPS, but I don’t run such games. For those who’ve experienced Pratchett’s Discworld books and who play Role.

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Casters work magic at a skill penalty depending on how complex the magical effect is, and spend magic points MP to make their castings more powerful. They have helpfully provide guidelines for running different discwrld of campaigns—and I really like them. The weapons lists cover the standard options represented in Discworld: It has bits on character creation which, because this is GURPS, is nearly half the book and all the assorted skills, combat rules, magic, gear, and setting information you could want.

However, the greater part of the book consists of an extended treatment of the Discworld as a venue for games. Readers will quickly feel at home as they digest the development of the clacks, the attitudes between dwarfs and trolls, and the traditions of the Uberwaldian aristocracy.

GURPS as a system is not without its problems. Even the sample character creation, Jemzarkia of Krull is laden down with things like Highheeled Heroine and Reputation Gugps enchantress.

GURPS Discworld Fourth Edition

If you are just interested in the verdict, scroll down to the bottom of this post. Then Wilma, who had discworldd a liking to the prisoners, tried to free them. Personal tools Create account Log in. Instead of specifying the material, armour mostly is described by weight, with very light armour providing DR 1 and medium armour giving DR 3. In 14 pages, this chapter introduces the importance of story including the element narrativiumDiscworld history and geography, and world elements like different races, technology, and magic.


And that I should also explain what the book is, and why I like it.

Things on Discworld get a bit…weird. Search anything and hit enter. By changing the name and adding the “Powered by GURPS ” logo, we’re making it even clearer than before that this is a complete roleplaying game. Not that the first book didn’t cover that, of course, and from what I’ve heard, plenty of people have been using discwolrd for RPGs just fine. I should emphasise, though, that while much of the book is not “official Discworld” — as I said, it’s an exercise in taking ideas into new territory, for the sake of gaming, and indeed some of it may be superseded by future novels, if Terry so chooses — this particular idea is doubly unofficial.

Discworld has been around almost as long as pen and paper RPGs.

GURPS Discworld

Your purchased IQ represents your intelligence in Chilly or Moderate temperatures. The Disc is a world, and I wanted to show a little more of what could be done in that direction, working outwards from the wonderfully rich and varied burps in the novels.

Visit settings like the most dubious city in the multiverse, Ankh-Morpork. However, each aspect retained some odd features; the human part seems barely human, and what should have been the wolf part, being heavily influenced by its human-socialised nature, turned into, well, a dog looking to have gursp equal parts Great Dane, Labrador, wolfhound, and spaniel.

The wolf’s barely-controlled hunger for flesh has been transmuted into a shared tendency to snack at every opportunity, and a willingness to try anything edible once, including hallucinogenic fungi. Pratchettian parody is subtle, and often has a point and a kernel of realism, of a particular sort. Is Port Duck a parody of two popular but deeply parody-worthy types of movies, run together, or is it a place where two different types of swashbuckling adventure story can be played out, more or less straight?

RPG Review – Discworld 2nd Edition (GURPS) – Bell of Lost Souls

Flee from an angry Swamp Dragon two feet of mindless fury and high-explosive digestion. Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Pyramid! And the rules do a fantastic job of adhering to the humorous tone. Discwor,d 10 covers the creatures of the Disc. Zambrano January 23, He wrote the Discworld series, which spans over 40 books and combines imaginative fantasy, brilliant satire, and hilarious characters that have enthralled readers for decades.


They may at first appear to be Ecksian backpackers especially the two blond onesbut their lack of distinctive accents gives the lie to this. Privacy Policy Contact Us. These rules jettison a lot of detail for special combat situations, simplify ciscworld combat into rough sketches, and simplify the attack and defense modifiers to roughly a half page each.

I could, still, argue viscworld point in its favour, but in the end, it had to come out.

These books describe themselves as “officially unofficial”, meaning that while they are a licensed product written in consultation with Sir Terry, he reserved the right to contradict them in the novels if he had a better idea.

Discworld Roleplaying Game concludes with a glossary, bibliography, and index.

In addition, the Discworld focus on narrative—and the way Discworld Roleplaying Game brings narrativium into the gaming experience—makes the Discworld a great place for new players to cut their teeth on roleplaying. Surf our site for the files you want.

The sections on reputation, social stigma, and status have more detail than the Basic Setreflecting how frequently these themes are invoked in Discworld gurpw.

I was looking at a world which had been developed, in depth and width, over twenty-odd novels; grups primary job in that book was simply to convert it to GURPS game mechanics. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Events on the Discworld have been chronicled in the best-selling works of Terry Pratchett.