5 Jul HACMP interview questions. a. What characters should a hostname contain for HACMP configuration? The hostname cannot have following. 28 Mar Upon node failure, a cascading resource group falls over to the available node with the next priority in The node priority node. AIX Interview Questions and Answers . html#ixzz2hphVSxnE L2 and L3 AIX Interview Questions on HACMP and VIOS Tell me about . (HACMP) concepts and some of the scenario based interview questions asked on IBM HACMP.

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Move cursor answesr desired item and press F7. To display interface information for an Internet interface, type netstat -i -f inet. This defines the service IP ibterview. With all of the virtualization technology available today, it’s far more worthwhile to use VIO to create a pair of production and development LPARs on the same set of System p servers and hardware resources than to try to save a few dollars at the expense of sacrificing the true purpose for which PowerHA was designed.

IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions | Storage & Backup Tutorials

Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? Now, delete the default gateway like this: Go to node 2 and run cfgmgr —v to import the shared answrs.

You can start the cluster together on both nodes or start individually on each node. Then open up a answdrs terminal window to the host on your HMC. Can multiple Service IP addresses be configured on single Ethernet cards?


Assign particular major number to each VGs while creating. To display statistics for each protocol, type netstat -s -f inet. You can do this by.

IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions

Define the persistent IP addresses. Thisoption, this means whenever a primary node fails, the package will failover to the next available node in the list and when the primary node comes online then the intervied will not fallback automatically.

The more you test, the more reliable your cluster will be. Figure 1 below illustrates a simple PowerHA configuration. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? The network VLANs, subnets, and addresses should be hooked up in the same fashion.

Interview Tips 5 ways to be authentic in an interview Tips to help you face your job interview Top 10 commonly asked BPO Interview questions 5 things you should never talk in any job interview Best job interview tips for job seekers 7 Tips to recruit the right candidates in 5 Important interview questions techies fumble most What are avoidable questions in an Interview? My preference is not to have the cluster start on reboot, because if there is a PowerHA-related problem on startup, it can be difficult to troubleshoot it.


Top + IBM AIX Interview Questions – Best IBM AIX Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

If you really want to make sure your cluster is solid, perform testing by literally removing cables and seeing how the resources move back and forth. Make application start answres stop scripts. You can do this on both the nodes. In this example, vpath0 on GT40 is the same virtual disk as vpath3 on SL Create a heartbeat disk.

Destroy the content of logLV by: The following terms are used throughout this article and are helpful to know when discussing PowerHA: Define the service IP labels for both nodes.

The Volume mounted over NFS protocol is a file system for AIX, and since disk device is required for Enhanced concurrent capable volume group for disk heartbeat the NFS file system cannot be used for configuring the disk heartbeat. Then Install AIX on the nodes. Additional 1 MB required for. SL55 and the other device vpath3. This creates a heartbeat ring.

When you create a shared volume group, you only need to select one of the nodes, because the disk is shared.