Bansuri Lessons – Flute Lessons: People from any part of the world can learn flute through Online Live Bansuri you are a serious learner and looking . I offer customized bamboo flute lessons, and will teach you in the traditional style of classical music I’m looking forward to teaching you to play the bansuri!. For Online Bansuri / flute lessons by Great Exponents of Bansuri, We select some top Bansuri flute teacher for your classes.

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For learning Bansuri there is no age limit. In my search to find good bamboo and a sensitive instrument designer in the nineties took me to Subhas Thakur.

After we schedule a lesson, you can send me a payment via Paypal, the Square Cash App ask me about it, it’s my favoritecheck, wire transfer, Western Union or a money order fpute works in American banks.

Regular courses are conducted weekly once depending upon the individual’s interest. I took private flute lessons on and off for twelve years and I still take guitar and tabla hindustxni.

Can they hear you? Looking forward to making music with you online soon! I’m looking forward to teaching you the bamboo flute!

Hindusani Kriger, I am a regular follower of your videos. Now anyone … Read More. Please go subscribe to my YouTube channel at www. Men and women from any part of the world can learn flute through Online Bansuri Classes. We shall help hindkstani find your online classroom soon.

Application Form Thanks for your interest! N andanavana B ansuri S angeet A cademy. Call a friend who has skype. There is no substitute for receiving instantaneous feedback on your playing. I offer customized bamboo flute lessonsand will teach you in the traditional style of classical music from northern India, giving you the same methods that have been handed down teacher to student for millenia. I can give online lessons via Lessnswhich enables us to use free audio and video and play music together regardless of where in the world we are.


Bansuri Lessons | Teacher

I am Jaydeep and I reside in Dubai. You can get personal online classes globally anytime anywhere.

He also brings out the deep tone jawari. I also teach drums Let me know if you want lessons for any type of hand drum. WIll Hill Bookies W. Plus lessons are fun and one’s teacher often serves as one’s primary inspiration.

Flute Lessons

I would really love the fact that you may continue making such videos and lessons for all of us to follow. We have received several requests …. These are very helpful. I expect to continue taking private lessons for many decades as my own playing improves rapidly when I take lessons. Default Title Date Random.

I am very blessed to serve such a great musician like Prem Joshua, …. April and early May: May god bless him. In Nandanavana Bansuri Sangeet Academy, we have been conducting in person Bansuri courses since last 8 years and lessons through internet video conference since last 5 years.

In his words “There is no need to check for tuning in Subhash’s Bansuri. In Nandanavana hundreds of students have learnt basics of Bansuri playing and many of them are continuing their advanced learning in music from Shri Venugopal Hegde Ji since many years.

You have no idea how much it has helped me emotionally and spiritually. Free lessons on indianflutemusic. Ronu Majumdarblessed us by accepting our Bansuris to become his preferred choice to be used for concerts, studio recordings and experiments. Can you see them? Here are the flutes I have based on Sa, which is the first three holes closed: Enroll to the Regular Courses in Bansuri.


Paras Nath came to our workshop to pick up some bansuri but after seeing the continuous improvement in our flutes, …. It was overwhelming to experience how beautiful our flutes sound, when in your hands.

You can avail the classes by msn messenger, yahoo messenger, skype and others. I also give ninety minute lessons. The additional time enables you to acquire and absorb more knowledge, learn more ragas, improve your rhythm, internalize new concepts and expand your vision of what is possible in the musical realm.

My aim is to help you unlock the mysteries of music and fulfill your vast musical potential. Those who redefined Flute’s presence in commercial cinema, those who raised the bar so high, have yet again chosen PunamFlutes. Taking a lesson was usually the high point of my week. Eternal Naveen ji Those who redefined Flute’s presence in commercial cinema, those who raised the bar so high, have yet again chosen PunamFlutes.

I encourage students to practice daily for a minimum of 60 minutes: Through the wonders of modern technology, you can learn bamboo flute from the comfort of your own home.