TI Designs. Design Features. This reference design is an EMC-compliant industrial. • Two-Wire Interface to HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. interface to a two- wire. HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS standard with a transmission rate of MBaud. The data transmission is. SICK is opening up its protocol for HIPERFACE DSL®: Is the one cable connection for electric motors soon to be the automation standard?.

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Clever height measurement with calibrated light section sensors — PosCon HM. Servo drive systems in electric drive technology consist of, among other things, the two components of controller and motor.

HIPERFACE DSL® – the digital evolution

More safety Safety in function and investment, fault-free operation of the plant, error-free and fast working. Flexible parameterization and additional data with IO-Link. The data is transmitted in synchronization with the drive cycle, which can be as short as SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for factory, logistics and process automation.

NFC-equipped connectors will talk to smar Building safety and security. Johann Pohany Baumer and Dr. They offer secure single-turn absolute position-sensing and electronic label capabilities. Please wait a moment Specifically, this blog will include application success stories and videos, important company news, engineering tips and tricks, information about our employees, and much more. Unplanned machine downtime can be avoided through preventative maintenance.

With the opening of the interface, the proven technology is now accessible to all users. Accordingly, machine builders and operating entities are able to tap into the advantages of one cable connection technology as well as simple options for future-oriented preventative maintenance, to name but a couple of examples. Discussions are under way with other sensor manufacturers to start using the technology. Due to its digital nature, this standard is capable not only of transmitting the absolute positions and speeds measured by the feedback system, but also of performing functions that extend much further.


NFC-equipped connectors will talk to smar Newsletter To register for our email newsletter, please enter your email address below.

Diese Nachricht nicht mehr anzeigen. Plug connectors and cables. Sick says that the real-time digital interface has made single-cable servomotor connections reliable. Chinese motors giant buys GE small motors As an option, users have remote access to the machine at any time via the DSL Analyzer Tool and the data transmission by web interface. The right protection for splash zone and product contact areas. Product and system support. Format adjustment Display and adjustment of position of stops and formats in machines and systems.

Hiperface DSL encoders expand uses for digital protocol 13 December, We want to foster better communication by engaging our readers and encouraging them to interact with us. Don’t show this message again. Furthermore, a drive in a lower rating class is generally beneficial in terms of price as well.

The company has now decided to make the previously proprietary interface available as an open protocol, and predicts that the move will reduce the number of servodrive interfaces in hioerface. Data communication is modulated on to the supply voltage of the motor feedback system.

HIPERFACE DSL® – motor feedback purely digital for the first time | SICKinsight

Taking a look inside standard cables within servo drive technology usually reveals three wires for the motor power — one wire for PE and two others to control the brakes and evaluate the winding temperature sensor.

In doing so, motor feedback via the motor cable opens new possibilities for the architecture of servo drive systems. This downsizing supports the trend towards increasingly more compact machines, a trend emerging in many industries.

Encoders and inclination sensors. Detection and ranging solutions. Module adds AI to industrial controls and This statement can be backed up in the way that the protocol has penetrated the market — being adopted by over 50 drive and motor manufacturers worldwide — and its continuous further development.


Rockwell Automation unveils a new logo an Neither create nor destroy. The wide field of Safe Motion is just one example of this. It occurs synchronously to del controller cycle, which hiperfaace be as short as In many applications, the servo drive can be designed one size smaller.

The interface is no longer hybrid, i. This simple and effective option for the streamlined installation of machines and plants has been available since The fact that the motor feedback connector plug is no longer required affords you freedom in terms of design on the motor side extremely important in the hiperfface of small servo motors. The objectives of Industry 4. Why waste valuable space with twice as many cables when installing the entire system could be much smarter and compact with half the effort?


At the same time, the condition data of the drive constitute the basis for defining necessary maintenance measures in coordination, e. The reduced number of required connections makes a more compact motor design possible. Permanent condition monitoring opens up great potential for saving operating costs, since one is not required to check and replace critical machine components preventatively.

For applications in which the drive needs to be moved along in a dynamic process, this constitutes a decisive argument, for in this context, less mass or weight, respectively, equals less kinetic energy.

The performance of the communication system is also evidenced by functions that extend beyond simply highly dynamic and high-resolution position control.