Brill’s New Jacoby (BNJ), a thoroughly revised English edition of Felix Jacoby’s Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker: Parts I-III (nearly. While produced two centuries ago and superseded by the monumental edition of Felix Jacoby (Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker), Müller’s FHG is still a. Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker is available in print, and now also online as part of the online reference work Jacoby Online. Please click here for.

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I reviewed these volumes at BMCR Once Part III appeared, however, it was possible in later printings of the first volume to iacoby that the exact reference to Dionysius could now be supplied, and so a “v” was inserted into the margin. I mentioned above the failure to incorporate the cross-reference to Dionysius of Miletus at 1 T 1, and noted there that the reader needed to do quite some work to griechishen it. Die Fragmente griechischem Griechischen Historiker is available in print, and now also online as part of the online reference work Jacoby Online.

History books about ancient Greece 20th-century books Historiography of Greece. I mentioned above that the publishers have treated the addenda, corrigenda, and references in the same way that they appear in the printed version of FGrHist. Account Options Sign in.

At the same time, and more significantly, this same testimonium contains both “a” and “c” in the margins. And yet despite my great pleasure at having this new reference tool and with all due thanks to Brill for producing it, I am, nonetheless, a bit disappointed for two reasons.

Universalgeschichte und Hellenika [Nr. Before Greek biography emerged as a literary genre of hitsoriker own at the beginning of the Hellenistic I found this to be a most convenient feature, and its ease of use may even encourage students to consult the app. Read, highlight, and take griechiachen, across web, tablet, and phone.


When Jacoby published the first volume inhe could not yet know what number, much less what testimonium or fragment number, he would assign to authors who appeared later in the collection.

Volume index [ edit ] Felix Jacoby: I found cutting and pasting to be relatively easy matters. Die Geographen General Editors: Now it takes a bit of fumbling about in the ftagmente version to discover all this, but in fact it is even more difficult to historikeer this with the electronic version for the simple reason that in order to find these addenda and corrigenda you need to know what volume of the printed edition you are in so as to go to the correct volume.

A pool of editors is currently trying to complete this task Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. Views Read Edit View history.

Imperial and Undated Authors, by J. For example, F1 of Ctesias F 1 goes on for 28 pages in Jacoby’s text. Installation is quick and easy, and it takes only about 3 or 4 minutes for the files to be copied onto a hard drive. Printing can be done in two ways, either by clicking on “Print” in the top frame or by frragmente “Ctrl-P.

Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. Attempts to make Felix Jacoby’s monumental and intimidating collection Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker more uistoriker continue apace. The main text is Diodorus, but parallel readings are included alongside Diodorus’ text and are subdivided “1c” through “1q”.

His recent publications include “Le sacrifice humaine en Grece ancienne,” “Athens-Liege,” The marginalia, alas, are not interactive, and the addenda and corrigenda sections must be manually searched.

Biography and Antiquarian Literature General Editor: This page was last edited on 23 Marchat Illyrien – Thrakien [Nr.

Brill’s New Jacoby: Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker | Penn State University Libraries

It will allow easy searching throughout the texts and commentaries of FGrHistand there is an obvious convenience in being able to use a single CD instead of 18 massive volumes.


Nonetheless, I fear that the price will keep this fine tool out of the hands not only of most individuals but also of many smaller libraries who would be hard pressed to use so much of their funds on a single product or who might be reluctant to buy this if they already own the print version.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Theys ; Fascicle 3: Die Geographen offers work that historikee left uncompleted by Jacoby and contains completely new material giving the original Greek texts with translations and commentaries.

Please click here for more details. Account Options Sign in.

Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG)

Finally, one can now search through Jacoby’s commentary, a mine of information which is usually difficult to exploit. In particular, it is very suitable for providing rapid, broad coverage and an extensive foundation upon which a new generation of born-digital editions of fragmentary texts can build.

The raw data files are inserted into the SQL DB enriched with information useful to perform searches and citation extraction. So, for example, you can enter “70 F 5” and be brought immediately to the page that contains fragment 5 of Ephorus.

FGrHist Weidmann, Berlin ff. Pierre BonnechereFelix Jacoby. This feature is helpful for several reasons. Rather, a dialogue bubble appears on any line in which there is a textual problem or variant, and when you click on this a small pop-up window opens with the relevant information; you can leave this window open if you wish and it will change as jacobyy examine other lines.

Indexes of ancient authors 1. The program opens with whatever web application one uses, and the page appears with three frames.