Overview Written for the experienced engineer as well as the student, this comprehensive reference presents the fundamental aspects of jig and fixture design in. This book explains both basic principles and advanced designs and applications for today’s flexible systems and controlled machines. Chapters include. Poulto Presto JIG and FIXTURE DESIGN MANUAL ERRATA (Henriksen: JIG AND FIXTURE DESIGN MANUAL) Page 66 – Substitute the.

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For this reason, hot rolled material is preferred for parts hanbook are to be finished by grinding, or machined on one side only. The Machine Tool 3. There are undoubtedly not two identical fix- tures in the whole world.

The reason for the need of such guidance is the well-known fact that a drill is a relatively highly flexible tool; a milling cutter is not. Jig and fixture design handbook estimating forging tolerances, materials can be classified by stiffness as follows: Chuck and vise jaws that can be ground after hardening are made of grades Wl or W2; if finish grinding is not possible, they are made from grades 02 or Provide brackets or other means for mounting them.

This set of equivalences can be formulated as the ” locating principle. Fundamentals of Tool Design, 6th Edition.

Although most of the formula jig and fixture design handbook relatively simple; it would be wise to brush up on basic Algebra and Trig. If necessary, provide shielding. The dimensionally most reliable configurations are those formed within one die jiig, and flat sur- faces parallel to the parting plane. It is obvious that all such dimensions must be correct, of fixtuure, but it is also necessary that any remaining unmachined surfaces maintain their proper location relative to system lines and to each other to avoid interference with each other and with moving parts of the- machine, to secure fixturf required material thicknesses, and to provide uniform ma- chining allowances with full cleanup on all machined surfaces, A drastically exaggerated example of a violation of this rule is jig and fixture design handbook in Fig.


The radial locator may be a small pin, fitting in a hole, or it jig and fixture design handbook be large and formed as another plug. It saves machining when it is used in the fixture in standard dimensions and it has a somewhat higher tensile and yield strength and surface hardness than hot rolled material because it is work hardened.

The many problems of geometry jig and fixture design handbook dimensions encountered within the aircraft and missile industry have greatly accelerated the expanded use of jigs and fixtures.

As an illustration see Fig. Long, slender drills running at high speed should be checked for whip- ping. No eBook available Industrial Press Inc. They require less space and are commercially available. This seems to be an excellent book.

A recently developed prod- uct is Benelex 3which is made of wood chips and consists essentially of cellulose fibers and lignite. The design of these tools is, therefore, a task that challenges deisgn designer’s creative imagination and draws heavily upon his jig and fixture design handbook perience and ingenuity. Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools.

Handbook of Jig and Fixture Design, 2nd Edition – William E. Boyes – Google Books

Defining and jig and fixture design handbook a part from flat surfaces. Keep area of feet small nar- row, angular, or T-shape. One more aspect should certainly be con- sidered, namely, the operator, and the human limita- tions imposed, as listed in Table The supports to be supplied in this de- sign step must desifn sufficient in number and strength to absorb all acting loads.


They have been selected to represent two characteristic types of fixtures, namely, miffing fixtures and drill vixture. Equipment for Manual Jig and fixture design handbook Opera tion g 2.

Jig and Fixture Design Manual

With correctly designed clamps, there should be no motion when the clamping pressure is applied nor when the working load from the cutting operation is applied. Locating by sighting to lines.

As indicated in Fig. The extreme left end of the bracket is supported at one point only by means of a sliding rest 5 operated by jig and fixture design handbook plunger 6 and knob 7. The dia- gram shows large continuous surfaces as well as in- dividual pads. Pilot ends on tools should have grooves or flutes for chips, to prevent binding in bushings.

Precision locating from previously bored holes may require expanding plugs to eliminate effect of diameter tolerances, 1 3. The principal types of fixtures. This book deals essentially with the design of jigs and fixtures for use with metal-cutting machine tools.