This is a Kenwood VHF repeater, model number TKR This is a 32 ch, 50 watt repeater that operates in the Mhz range. Repeater is capable of both. Find great deals for Kenwood Tkr Repeater VHF 16ch MHz 50 Watts. Shop with confidence on eBay!. TKR) TCXO modules, % duty RF power amplifier output is 50W (at 50 % duty) a TKR is 40W (at. 50% duty). make Kenwood’s TKR/

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Clean, crisp audio otherwise. We have 7 of these repeaters on our linked repeater system, they have been operating flawlessly for 5 years or so. The system is sometimes keyed up for hours on end, with no problems. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Take it out and you have the same sensitivity of the Kenwood. Includes five pre-drilled openings and grommets. Kenwood makes a great repeater.

Then we bought 2 more to replace our aging Aerotrons. I built some 10 db pre amps and put them between the receiver input and the duplexers. Price is very reasonable, and would buy one again.

Cabinet Fan Top Assembly. FM VHF repeater with cw controler build in. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. We have 2 others as stand alone repeaters, and 2 of the TKR Modem bps, extra stability in high RF environments, includes interface cable.


Crate for 42 inch 20RU Locking Cabinet. The only thing I can fault the Kenwood’s on is that the audio could pass a little more bass.

And yes, I checked the alignment and it was correct. As others have noted, about the only alignment required is the helical front end in the RX.

Kenwood TKR Product Reviews

Then I retuned tkrr-750 coils and got it down to. Contact the site with comments or questions. Standard aluminum equipment rack providing 17 RU vertical mounting. Still very happy with the Kenwoods.

Kenwood TKR-750K2

Includes one lenwood for radio connectivity. I agree the comment about purchasing the Kenwood TKR instead of building a repeater from parts. Kenwood rates them at 25 watts continuous, and that seems accurate. Built in mini controller is nice. Modem bps to be used with LTR controllers, includes interface cable. These have a built in DTMF controller, which can be configured to control internal functions, or drive external accessories or relays.

Patent and other rights reserved. We have had the Kenwood TKR on the air for about 18 months and have not had any problems. The 25 pin connector gives you everything tkg-750 need. Excellent performance, even with less than optimal filtration Yes my kenwood was on mhz area. They have been in use daily for years now and never miss a beat. Item is an option and cannot be sold separately.


Just asking for it to be blown out as I’ve seen time and time again. New to Ham Radio? Set at 30 watts input to the duplexers.

Includes equipment installation, hardware, cabling and wire management materials, and cushioned shipping crate. The rec goes down to.

That takes about 5 minutes to do, but should be done for best sensitivity. We’ve had the pre amps and TRK’s in service about 2 years with no issues.

Kenwood Tkr Repeater VHF 16ch MHz 50 Watts | eBay

Runs just fine and no heat issue. Software is very easy to use and a breeze to program.

When I was done programing the repeater I checked the rec and it was 1. Includes two cables for radio connectivity and an internal antenna relay.

For use with voting systems, supplies Ohm balanced 2-wire audio, occupies 1 RU.