This will be a regular feature and today we are starting off with the overview of Keysi Fighting Methods Famous Pensador Technique or as it is called through its . Review of the Keysi Fighting Method Known as KFM Some time ago on purely to location and logistics as I truly feel that Keysi has a lot of techniques and. Welcome to the complete guide to The Keysi Fighting Method. . In addition to this technique and many other KFM was one of the first arts to.

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It was a style that was developed based on the experiences of Justo growing up and working fightting the Spanish mines and Andy Norman’s rich experience in the martial arts and violence in the streets of Britain. You also don’t hesitate to hit the first attacker that comes in range.

Keysi Fighting Method Techniques

Welcome to the complete guide to The Keysi Fighting Method. Shape Created with Sketch. You bring your hands up in the guard position protecting your head.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Your arm that fighhing guarding is now an elbow to the throat and a hammerfist to the groin. Keysi is an intuitive, low-grounded fighting method that requires superior leg and upper body strength, with a strong fihgting on mental focus and awareness.

This done by putting hands in front of ones face to cover and technoques as a shield. Defence Lab has become a global leader in self defence and continues to evolve both its techniques and business structures.

The main focus of KFM is to protect the most vulneralbe parts of the body, the head, using all strikes at high, middle, and low lines on the opponent. He is cornered, and running away is not an option. It works and as such I can only recommend it. Without doubtinterest in Keysi and Defence Lab is strong as they are both pioneering brands in the self defence industry. You have seen the history, the techniques and also the current state of the systems.

To protect the torsothe boxer keeps his or her arms tucked against the body and rotates the hips to protect the midsection and allow punches to slide off the body. It allows you to fight whilst still being covered up from harm.


A Review Of The Keysi Fighting Method Known as KFM | The Self Defence

Boxing Training, Theory, and Technique. After Batman Andy and Justo got to work on some amazing films and we saw the Keysi system in numerous blockbusters including Mission Impossible 3 where the iconic final fight scene showed the moves of Keysi mixed in with the film story Tom Cruise’ character had a bomb in his head which was going to go off.

The Keysi Fighting Method was invented for close quarter combat situations and to quickly neutralize an attack involving one or multiple assailants. Now that I have trained in the system several times, read and watched more You Tube footage than I really have the time for I thought I would re visit this subject. Keysi In The Movies. So, the student’s instinct is cultivated while the material taught is dynamically layered with stress so the student is able to perform with that material under pressure.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is basic pack mentality and it is a successful ploy to use. So there you have it. What he’s employed is the Keysi fighting method, which was featured in “The Dark Knight” movie series. A variety of counter attacks to vital targets such as the biceps, kidneys or solar plexus are then launched.

An elbow strike targets the ribs of the closest attacker and is followed by a headbutt to the bridge of the nose. In this article, we will tell you about art, we will tell you all you need to know about Keysiwhat it is and how people are training now in this art. You’ll have to slip the punch while controlling the striking arm with one hand so the assailant can’t use it to protect his face.

I have attended just 2 seminars so my knowledge of the technique is just surface level. Views Read Edit View history.

As the years progressed KFM also started to include other sporting elements such as MMA to its repertoire which can be seen below. It’s based on a degree awareness system where you evenly distribute your attention and your strikes to manage and survive your environment. Now you get the idea, the Pensador is actually just a method of covering up your head from attack!


Trust me the video is amazing and well worth it!! Rob has a natural and flowing style and breaks down the art into a format that is both easy to understand and replicate.

Covering (martial arts)

This page was last edited on 23 Augustat He protects his face and torso with raised forearms while moving and striking. Andy had no idea it would be for Batman Begins but he took a small team to the audition and it was a short time after that they go the job. Covering in martial arts is the act of protecting against an opponents strikes by using the arms and shoulders to block and absorb the impact of strikes methor the head and torso and prevent injury.

Welcome to a new and exciting look at the various techniques that exists within martial arts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The fighting style keyai to be unique and animalistic in style and look as though Bruce Wayne-as-Batman had created his own style of fighting.

Yet as keysk can easily be added to any system and used in a variety of ways is what makes the Pensador so valuable. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is one technique that can make the difference should you unfortunately face real violence. Your brain is your computer and as such you want to protect it as best as you can. It is NOT “technique” driven, but driven by “Instinct”. In techniquues at this moment in time I feel it is the most practical system for a person to train in and get results within a few weeks.

Just methld a video game, you lack real depth, and as we techniqyes real life encounters have depth and involve multiple opponents. Once he’s created an opening he gets out of there fast. How to Get Off of a Block in Football.