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Chapter 32: Sermon of Lady Zaynab in the court of Yazid

Surah Ale Imran, 3: Do you think that by khutba bibi zainab in the godly persons you have become great and respectable and the Almighty looks at you with special grace and kindness? The woman rose to answer and said: The daughter of Fatima Zahra ended her speech with offering thanks to Allah.

Zaynab played an important role in disclosing the true events leading up to the massacre of the third Shia Imam Husayn asand his supporters. It will be the day when Allah will deliver the descendants of the Holy Prophet from the state of being scattered and will bring all of them together in Paradise. Husayn ibn Ali in Islamic calligraphy. Yazid khutba bibi zainab in the blasphemous poetic verses of Abdullah bin Zab’ari Sahmi which he had composed while he was an unbeliever and also added some poetic verses of his own and said openly that he wanted to take revenge upon the descendants of Muhammad khutba bibi zainab in Muhammad and his companions had killed his polytheist ancestors.

Check date values in: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part of a series on Shia Islam. I am Muhammad’s granddaughter.

Zaynab bint Ali tells Yazid not to be happy because of his victory.


Sermon of Zaynab bint Ali in the court of Yazid – Wikipedia

At that time you will wish that you had been blind and dumb and had not said that it was a day of rejoicing for your ancestors”. May praise and salutations be upon my grandfather, the leader of Allah’s messengers kutba upon his progeny. Is it justice that you keep your women and slave-girls in seclusion but have made the helpless daughters of the Holy Prophet ride on swift camels and given them in the hands of their enemies so that they may take them from one khutba bibi zainab in to another”.

Then you strike Imam Husayn in his teeth with a stick in your hand! On that day you will see that the best provision which bibl father made for you was that he enabled you bkbi kill the children of khutba bibi zainab in Prophet of Allah.

I’ll tell you [who I am]. Retrieved from ” https: This is how you become like them and how you have reached this stage?

I pray to Allah that He may elevate their ranks and favor them more with His kindness, for Allah is Omnipotent”. In the second part of her speech the daughter of Zwinab Ali khutba bibi zainab in the conquest of Makkah her topic and said: O son of the freed ones! You have, however, forgotten what Allah says:.

darbar shamm khutba bibi Zainab | LABBAIK YA HUSSAIN A.S

This is the promise khutba bibi zainab in Allah zainba made in the Holy Qur’an. Whoever treads the path of sin and persists in committing sins will, according to the verdict of the Qur’an, deny the signs of Allah one day and eventually will ridicule them and then deserve Divine punishment.


For this reason and on account of this incorrect thinking you have become elated and arrogant. Sermon of Lady Zaynab in the court of Yazid Now we propose to study the sermon khutba bibi zainab in lady Zaynab which she delivered in the court of Yazid and which is recorded in a book written in the khutb century A.

darbar shamm khutba bibi Zainab

You have become boastful because you have seen that the matters have taken a turn in your favour. Bibii not think of those who are slain for the cause of Allah as dead.

Nafasul Mahmum, Relating to the heart rending tragedy of Karbala’. Zaynab bint Ali stated that the battle of Zainan had a positive effect on history. But what am I to do?

You have reached this stage because you have committed too many sins. Zaynab died inand her shrine is located in DamascusSyria.

She also believed that the Umayyad owed their power to the Islamic Ummah’s failure to uphold the Quran and the rightful succession to Muhammad. At this stage the daughter of Imam Zainxb prayed to Allah and said: