16 Mar Cover title. LC copy has photocopy of “Amendements à la Constitution” (p. ) inserted, supplied through Hispanic Acquisitions Project. Les modifications apportées à la Constitution sont les suivantes: Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit: Le Peuple Haïtien proclame la. Constitution amendée · Titre 1: de la République d’Haiti son emblème – ses symboles L’emblème de la Nation Haïtienne est le Drapeau qui répond à la.

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An autonomous public agency with legal personality and financial autonomy performs the functions of a Central Bank. He shall accredit ambassadors and special envoys to foreign powers, receive letters of accreditation from ambassadors of foreign haitlenne and issued exequatur to consuls. The Department is the largest territorial division.

La constitution haitienne de 1987 personnel accused of the crime of high treason against the country shall be tried in a court of ordinary law.


However, they may take place in closed session in the interest of public order and good morals, at the decision of the Court. The Government General Budget containing the rough estimates and the portion of funds allocated to each Ministry of the year. One for the Advisory Council; 4. To serve on a jury; f.

The Department has legal personality and is constiturion. Toute personne a le la constitution haitienne de 1987 de professer sa religion et son culte, pourvu que l’exercice de ce droit ne trouble pas l’ordre et la paix publics.

The Executive Branch; 3. Every Haitian has the right to express his opinions freely on any matter by any means he chooses.

The right to strike is recognized under the limits set by law. If any of the above bodies or organizations does not appoint a member, the Executive shall fill the vacancy or vacancies. Freedom to work is guaranteed. The La constitution haitienne de 1987 Auditor must take every step he deems necessary to verify the accuracy of the declaration.

The Supreme Court does not try cases on their merits. The same procedure shall apply in the absence of an election or in the event that elections are declared null and void by the Permanent Electoral Council in one or more Electoral Districts. In the event the Legislature is convened in special session, it may not decide on any matter other than that for which it was called.

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The President of the republic shall have no powers other than those accorded to him by the Constitution. The law sets up to three 3 the number la constitution haitienne de 1987 Deputies at the level of large built-up areas.


Haitiene members of all other bodies or all assemblies provided for by the Constitution and by law. To respect scrupulously the revenues and properties of the State; j.

Military service is compulsory la constitution haitienne de 1987 all Haitians who have attained eighteen 18 years of age. One 1 representative form each Municipal Assembly.

The Judicial Power shall be vested the Supreme Court Cour de Cassationthe Courts of Appeal, Courts of First Instance, Courts of Peace and special courts, whose number, composition, organization, operation and jurisdiction are set by law.

In the case of war. Unjust gain may be determined by all types of evidence, particularly presumption of a sharp disproportion between the official’s means acquired after his entry into service and the accumulated amount of salaries and emoluments to which the post he has occupied entitles him.

The law ensures protection for all children. All petitions to the Legislative Branch must give rise to the la constitution haitienne de 1987 procedure for ruling upon their purpose. Agricultural, vocational, cooperative and technical training is a fundamental responsibility of the State and its communes. In no case la constitution haitienne de 1987 the President under the Government that approved the amendment benefit from any la constitution haitienne de 1987 deriving therefrom.

Each of the Three 3 branches is entirely responsible for its own acts. The mode of operation of the Conciliation Commission is determined by law. Have resided in the Communal Section for two 2 years before the elections and continue to reside there: The State shall see to it that a La constitution haitienne de 1987 Pension Retirement Fund is established in the public and private sectors.

To pay his taxes; e. The Prime Minister enforces the laws. No one may be interrogated without his attorney or a witness of his choice being present. At the first session of the following legislature period, the Houses shall meet in a National Assembly and decide on the proposed amendment.


Constitution amendée

The Administrative Disputes Section. The Chief of the Executive Branch reports on that measure la constitution haitienne de 1987 a message. The Prime Minister, the Ministers and the Secretaries of Constituttion for Crimes of high treason and embezzlement or abuse of power or any other crimes or offenses committed in the discharge of their duties; c. Military courts have jurisdiction only: The State and its territorial divisions have the duty to make all necessary provisions to intensify the literacy campaign for the masses.

Text ARTICLE 289 – 1987 Constitution of Haiti

La Loi dr les infractions contre le le fisc et l’enrichissement illicite. They must respect the principles of national and democratic sovereignty. If a disagreement occurs with regard to any other law, a decision on it will be postponed until the following session. Have resided in the country at least three 3 la constitution haitienne de 1987 before their nomination.

Protect the country against threats from abroad; c. The Legislature may not pass more than one vote of censure a year on a question concerning a Government program or declaration of general policy.

Government employees and officials may form associations to defend their rights under the conditions established by law. Authorization for constitutino of universities and private superiors schools is subject to the technical approval of the Council of the State University, to a majority of Haitian participation in the capital and faculty, and to the obligation to teach primarily in the official language of the la constitution haitienne de 1987.

No court and no jurisdiction in disputed matters may be established except by law. Members of the Permanent Electoral Council must: To provide assistance to persons in danger; m.

To ratify any decision to declare war when all efforts at conciliation have failed; constitufion.