LV covers tests for electric and electronic components for use in motor vehicles up to 3,5 t with a 12 V electric mOhm. Tolerances & standard values. LV Automotive test standard bij Hielkema Testequipment. The LV includes several mechanical, climatic and life tests, such as the K damp heat. ISO , Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is an ISO standard which provides guidance .

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The cover must be aligned so that the bevel points to the test room door. Overview of installation location, typical spectrums and temperature rises Installation location of the component Spectrum no.

ISO – Wikipedia

Tolerances refer to the required measured stwndard. However, the test severity must be maintained. The usability of these typical temperature spectrums for a specific component must be verified e.

A generator control fault during driving operation is simulated. Modular hardware architecture Starting with one single unit of e.

If the test is carried out at the beginning of a test sequence, it also serves to adjust all components to the same initial conditions.

This test equipment is perfectly suited for tests acc. The test serves to stqndard functioning of the component when subjected to shock-type cooling by means of water. The test equipment, setups and test sttandard used must be documented in Notes on Procedure. The test serves to verify functioning of the component when exposed to high-pressure cleaning. Test parameters The test is carried out acc.


This page was last edited on 3 Mayat The time until this condition is achieved must be determined by the contractor through experiments and indicated in the test documentation.

Temperature profile L Life test – temperature cycle test Ajax by Henkel 1 CAS ethanol e. The artificial vehicle network must be coordinated with the engineering department. Test pulse E Pin interruption 4. The time sequences of the functional statuses must be specified in the Component Performance Specifications. The superimposed alternating voltage may be applied during the entire running time of the engine.

The temperature spectrum acc. Other changes of the electr. In addition, a parameter test functional test must be carried out every 7 days. The test serves to ensure that a part that does not show any outwardly visible damage and therefore is installed in the vehicle, does not have any hidden damages or predamages, e.

Quality can be measured. It must be verified that the DUT has not been damaged.

Voltage- and current control

L124 protective functions avoid damage of the instrument and also guarantee protection for tested devices. Components installed in areas that may be None affected by stone impact All components None – Degree of protection IP6KX for components for which the ingress of dust is not allowed – Degree of protection IP5KX for components for which the ingress of dust is allowed as long as functionality and safety are not impaired None All components – Acc.


An adaptation of the system to other standards and other DUTs is also possible. Schematic circuit for test E Backfeeds 4. Permissible event log entries must be coordinated with the purchaser and must be stipulated.

LV-124/ LV-148 tests with the eTS one

ISO standards Automotive engineering. One command for each function handles all interfaces.

Load duration 30 min If the maximum blocking current is larger than 3 x IN, the maximum blocking current must be used instead of IN. All E-tests can be executed fully automated, individually or completely and in any desired order. Moreover, eTS one provides a stimulation unit that can supply both, analogue and digital static or frequency inputs.

The selected type of application must be documented in the test report. Intermitting operating mode II. A discontinuity of the curve due to positive pulses is not permitted.

In addition, the DUT must be evaluated visually with standagd naked eye and tested for loose or rattling parts by means of shaking. Plastic brackets must be used to ensure that the electr.

The parameter test functional test must be performed for a maximum of 2 min with staneard power loss as low as possible; otherwise the DUT is too strongly heated so that condensation is prevented. Use of the Z-OUT profile acc. Retrieved from ” https: