PDF manuals are eady to download and display on any device: MESOMATIC DK Users Guide English. You are here: Home · Weighing technics; DK MESOMATIC GmbH & Co. KG Automation und Messtechnik Gmünder Str. D Schorndorf. MESOMATIC provides a complete range of measurement devices for load cells and much more. Please be patient until Wägeterminal DK · Product details .

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If the limit switch is activated by entering a mode operation in configuration fct. Device communication address 2. Mesomatic dk800 manual the waiting period up to 64 mean values are measured. The same procedure has to be repeated for the other correction points. Site Explorer Mewomatic Explorer.

Therefore, the answer to these commands can only mesomatic dk800 manual on the Profibus after this time.

If there is current in E2, A8 is activated. The jumper configuration can be modified by the customer after opening the unit.

This makes the display more static and easier to read. The amplification factor can be entered in the range from 0, to 1, with Mesomatic dk800 manual. H Limit switch, hysteresis kg 3.

The minute-display is increased by 1. Clear displayed text A text displayed with the!

Mesomatic DK on Profibus – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

Analogue output mode The following settings can be selected with Fct. Apart from this, the following differences will apply: Mode to start dosing and acknowledge tolerance The following settings can be mesomatic dk800 manual with Fct.


Messomatic 4 No valid Profibus address received via serial interface. Control outputs and Watch-dog As the next step, V mA will be given. The transfer is carried out as a mesomatic dk800 manual input identification with 9 byte consistency.

The two right-most digits indicating the status of 8 external optocoupler inputs, the second-most left one the status of the internal switch block and the left-most one the status of the serial CTS input. Mesomqtic the differences to mesomatic dk800 manual base appliance with a serial RS interface are described here.

User manual MESOMATIC DK800 Indicator – Download PDF file

If the load on the weigher increases, the voltage rises to positive values, and to negative values, when the load on it is mesomatic dk800 manual.

This facility compensates very slow changes in the zero point. A7 in conjunction with the serial interface, i. This requires Switch 2 on the block of switches at the back of the unit to be placed mesomatic dk800 manual the downwards position in addition to Switch 1.

The value for dosing speed fine can be set with the following command: Clear zero point memory The auxiliary device remains on the weigher. If there exists a second serial interface in the DK, the modes 8 and 16 are not adjustable.

Weighing technics – MESOMATIC GmbH & Co. KG | Automation und Messtechnik

The amplification factor can also be used for weakening the output signal. The data are always shown differing from the Mesomatic dk800 manual indicator with a single digit jump. Zero adjust of analogue input 2. Printer modes The fct.


Adjustment of the analogue output The command will msomatic transmitted after interchanging of the identification code. N is not mesomatic dk800 manual during a dosing cycle.

The error should be acknowledged. The stored time-value is cancelled by the! Measurement transmitter and analogue inputs X2 The X2 mesomatic dk800 manual is fitted in the DK as a pole female plug, to which the following are connected: Line up and service manual o Part 3: M Range adjust of analog input A. If dosing mesomatic dk800 manual started via the serial interface, output All works without delay in any case.


Summary of functions Additional to Table 2 in chapter 1. The data are constantly transferred to the Master using the maximum speed set in the parameters of the Profibus.

Whilst this waiting time is running, e. Nominal value source 2. The figure to be entered has to lie between