1 Apr ”WE’VE got a good life here,” says Thelma Cates to her daughter, Jessie, in Marsha Norman’s new play, ”’Night, Mother.” Many would agree. “The subjects are suicide, love, and the meaning of life–as huge as they come; but they are treated with the specificity of threading a needle or choosing the right . 21 Apr It’s a ‘normal’ Saturday evening in the Cates’s home where mother and daughter, Thelma and Jessie, live out a rather mundane, humdrum.

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Again the reviews were mostly favorable, but a few critics night mother marsha norman wonder what merited all the fuss. But for Jessie, the craving for something more in her life cannot be satisfied with food or cross-stitching.

A woman need not use a gun or another weapon such as pills; rather she can die through neglect. As the play nightt, Mama is cataloguing the stocks of sweets which need replenishing.

The usual grayness and unsteady physical energy of this woman have given way to night mother marsha norman new purpose that is expressed in productivity and detached humor. And I tried to get more exercise and Night mother marsha norman tried to stay awake. This is one of those plays where the acting would have to be absolutely stellar. Widowed Thelma has come to terms with the fact that she and her husband never loved each other all that much. From toshe also served as a resident director with the company.

The characterization of Jessie and Mama makes them real people that you can imagine fighting for survival in the real world. Norman does an excellent job creating these characters and revealing their stories.

Then Mama says that the gun is broken, but Jessie proves that it is in good condition. Norman did a great job writing on such a heavy and sensitive subject of suicide. I do love this one. The film received mixed reviews from several of the same critics night mother marsha norman their earlier reviews of the theatrical production. Forty-year-old Jessie Cates has battled epilepsy, mental illness, and depression for her entire life. These are events, people, and a home that, as Norman hopes, will be familiar to the audience.


Reading it as an adult was much different for me as it was when I was 10 years of age but still, I recall the same feelings and the same questions being raised in my own I have been fascinated by this story since I was just a little girl.

‘night, Mother Summary –

The younger woman grimly makes her preparations, showing her mother where things are in the kitchen, telling her how to pay the bills night mother marsha norman so on. I fell off the horse because I didn’t know how to hold on. That she cares for her mother cannot be regarded as a success, since Jessie also recognizes that her mother allows Jessie to care for jarsha as a means to keep her busy, not out of any actual need.

night mother marsha norman Mama suggests calling for the ambulance driver, whom Jessie likes. The living room and kitchen are similar to one found in most homes in America. He wasn’t the wrong man, Mama. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She was addicted to smoking; her husband gave her ultimatum either to leave night mother marsha norman or him.

Jessie keeps on talking about her mother’s friends and her family. It reminded me why did I love literature. I was not expecting that. Normam has lived a long time with solitude.

They are simply two might who could be anyone.

It’s so well done–so uniquely done–and so accurate marxha throughout. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

She needs to fill an emptiness that food cannot satisfy. The play, presented in real-time, is gripping.

’Night, Mother

Even though I prefer charming Southern stories night mother marsha norman the grittiness, I rate Marsha Norman’s play 4 stars for its grit mzrsha rawness. And although Norman had emphasized in her stage directions that the women were indistinguishable from any other women, much of the criticism of the film focused on the two actresses playing Jessie and Thelma, Sissy Spacek and Anne Bancroftrespectively.

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Morman life had come to a dead end. Night mother marsha norman all 10 comments. There’s not much to tell. She’s tired of her life, of disappointment, or heart-aches, and fight. She sees her noran as lacking in the positive and feels that it will not change. She prepares her mother for her suicide while her mother tries to talk her out of it.

It is sometimes used to account for why one individual survives and another does not. In contrast, those who did not like the play most often complain that it is drab and lacks nighr significant development in its two characters.

A middle-aged woman and her thirtyish daughter live here. Books by Marsha Norman. Their interaction makes clear that Thelma and Jessie love one another, but, to Jessie, her mother’s love is not night mother marsha norman enough to continue living.

She then aspires same love and care from her son, Dawson, but again her son gets married and starts living with his wife, away from Thelma.

‘night, Mother Summary

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She suffers from epilepsy, and this, combined with her perceived failure in relationships, provokes her decision to commit suicide. She seems happy enough, but her repetitive world is about to be painfully shattered. I think the line that just made me lose night mother marsha norman was the following, and even reading it now, it just gets to my core!