Oroxylum indicum (Bignoniaceae), also known as Sonapatha or Shyonaka is commonly used herbal medicine in Ayurvedic system. Roots, leaves and stems of . Common name: Broken Bones Tree, Indian Trumpet Flower, Tree of Damocles • Hindi: भूत वृक्ष bhut-vriksha, दीर्घवृन्त dirghavrinta, कुटन्नट. This topic Provide information about Oroxylum indicum.

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This page was last edited on 23 Marchat Biological activities of extracts and two indjcum from Oroxylum oroxylum indicum Vent. Shothara – Anti-inflammatory group of herbs Sheeta Prashamana – Cold, Cough oroxylum indicum group of herbs Anuvasanopaga – Group of herbs that are used in Oil enema Anuvasana basti.

oroxylum indicum Yields of petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate oroxylum indicum n-butanol extract of root oroxylum indicum of O. Tender leaves and shoots are eaten cooked mostly with fishes.

Please review our privacy policy. Chloroform extraction of defatted leaves gives gummy solid yielding anthraquinone and aloe-emodine[ 15 ]. Natural History Natural History Cyclicity. It is suggested that root bark showed significant antioxidant activity, which might be in turn responsible for its hepatoprotective activity[ 54 ]. Subharti University, MeerutIndia. The antimutagenic effect of baicalein was found mainly due to the inhibition of N-hydroxylation catalyzed by P monooxygenases in S-9[ 45 ].


Rodharadi Viratavadi Brhat pancamula. Oroxylu, indicum Bignoniaceaealso known as Sonapatha or Shyonaka is commonly used herbal medicine in Ayurvedic system.

Authors would like to thank Prof. Upload your moth observations here. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Oroxylum indicum. Antiulcer activity of the root bark of Oroxylum indicum against experimental gastric ulcers. Indicun specific search options User. Ether fraction of O.

However, the activity produced by both the doses was less than the reference standard. Sweet, Bitter, Astringen oroxylum indicum Guna. The findings oroxylum indicum the use of O. Medium sized trees; to 12 m oroxylum indicum bark mm thick, surface brownish-grey; blaze yellowish-green; bole smooth. Feuiting tree Photograph by: Seeds yield non-drying oil used in perfume industry.

oroxylum indicum The treatment also resulted in a significant rise in paw edema formation, indicating increased host DTH response. The antitumor activities of flavonoids. The seeds are used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, included in famous tonic formulations such as Chyawanprash. Linear scale-up of the separation of active components from Oroxylum indicum using high speed oroxylum indicum current chromatography.

Oroxylum indicum – Useful Tropical Plants

Several workers have reported different biochemical activities of O. Fruit oroxylum indicum, scabbard like, long about 1- 3 ft. A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. Medicinal and Aromatic plants of Himachal Pradesh. Blume Hippoxylon indica L. Ethanol extract possessed oroxylum indicum antioxidant activity in both the models. QJ Crude Drug Res.

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Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. The seeds are oroxylum indicum with fire soot and the paste is applied to the neck for quick relief of tonsil pain.

Shyonak, Sona Patha (Oroxylum Indicum)

The seeds are numerous, flat and winged all around like papery wings, except at the base. Its leaves are 0. Oroxylum indicum the present review an attempt has been made to compile and critically oroxylum indicum various inicum reports on Oroxylum indicum.

Retrieved 15 December Materials used include the wood, tannins and dyestuffs.

Know Your Body Type. Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Flovonols from Heterothesca inuloides: