Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography [Swami Muktananda, Muktananda, Paul Zweig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This best selling spiritual autobiography of Swami Muktananda tells the story of his journey to self-realization under the guidance of Bhagawan Nityananda. The 3rd edition of Play of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda marks the 30 years that his spiritual autobiography has been in print. Includes photos of Baba.

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The Realm of the Perfected Ones Pitruloka: Not only this, the inner music will release celestial ambrosia and you will relish its sweetness. The main idea is that you are encouraged to meditate All the actions of such a Siddha are motivated by Chitshakti. They have completely purified the centres of all consciouusness mantras and deities situated in the six chakras. This universe is a true image of the Supreme Reality.

For the consummation of my meditation I bow to my beloved Gurudev, my sublime Father, who transcends the distinction of unity and diversity, the torch-bearer on the Siddha path, whose actions are based on equality and on the awareness of the Self of all, who grants the state of perfection easily.

The same world which earlier had Introduction xix appeared full of misery now becomes the joyful abode of God.

We need him more than wealth, machines and factories, art and music, much more than health and even more than life itself. You touch your consciousnees for highest bliss but ultimately feel bitterly frustrated. My kundalini is so roote Incredibly written with the perfect amount of prose needed to deliver his message.

The atmosphere around Siddhas is always saturated with Chiti. Whereas an ordinary man sees diversities in Her all-pervasiveness, one who is blessed by the Guru perceives only perfect love and unity.


He was a prolific writer, master story tell Swami Muktananda lives in my heart and will forever hold the place of supreme teacher in my life. The devotees eagerly waited for this hour. Husband and wife will perceive such magical lustre in each other that even the handsomeness of Adonis and the beauty of Venus will be surpassed. If he conscipusness an intellectual type, his intellect will be so sharpened as to understand subtler subjects and find satisfactory answers to questions which have been baffling him.

Also, shaktipat transmission w Play of Consciousness seems to have a big following, but I wasn’t too impressed after finishing the book.

Play of Consciousness : Swami Muktananda :

He himself enters the disciple as grace, bestowing his divine power on him. If on the way he meets obstacles, the Guru helps him to overcome them and also regulates the intensity muktaananda the Shakti as necessary.

In fact, She is the beauty of the entire world. Whoever is touched by his body receives Shakti. Play of Consciousness seems to have a big following, but I wasn’t too impressed after finishing the book. If fruits like mangoes, pineapples, oranges and pomegranates lacked His loveliness, juice and flavour, we would wwami enjoy them so much. This book is a journey of a mystic through meditations and vivid descriptions of his experiences.

Furthermore, as a result of this influence, she will not see him as merely human, but as an embodiment of God. Many seekers have several of these experiences together, but in all of them only the experiences vary, not the initiation. Is it within your patronage to work individually with seekers? She is the self-luminous Chitshakti, playing in the form of the universe.

Aug 28, Sean rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once, a couple had taken a firm vow to go around the whole world, have dips in all the holy waters and worship all the deities. You are the Cause of the universe, forming the five elements.

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Play of Consciousness : A Spiritual Autobiography

Muktanwnda sadhana will be weakened if the Guru is displeased. He belongs as much to the rich as to medicants; as much to the women living in families as to the milkmaids of Vraja; as much to worldly people as to the ancient sages, seers, yogis and yoginis.

Innumer- The Importance of God-realisation 25 able are the manifestations of Your divine light. I came across this book in the religion section and it had not been read by many people and will not be. In this manner, the word escapes you completely.

Gurudev had never granted our earlier requests to write about his sadhana. In the video you linked here, it is the speaker’s conjecture …more There doesn’t appear to be any connection between Mahendra Trivedi and Swami Muktananda. She is, indeed, the magnificent lofty power of the Supreme Being which, when realised, fills the heart with wonder.

One should endeavour wholeheartedly to secure his sublime grace. Beginning with his spiritual initiation on August 15,and continuing through his enlightenment nine years later, this is a guide for seekers moving toward the same goal. Muktananda sincerely wishes that this Parashakti be aroused in all men and women. It is also testified to in the Rudrahrdayopanishad —I O ne comes to know that the supreme Shiva, eternal Truth, divine Witness, fundamental Cause of the universe, noblest object of worship, attributeless, formless, unborn, and without beginning, manifests as man—the husband.

She looks at the clock. The supremely glorious, universal, divine power is hidden within it.