24 Jun Rajaraja Chola I (Tamil: இராஜராஜ சோழன்), considered as the . of South Indian history, commemorated Rajaraja’s great reign. 11 Mar Let me tell you something before I actually answer the question: Most of the inscriptions found in India and around are in Tamil. Inscrptions from the time period. Raja Raja Cholan Malaysian history – A small piece of History for our future generations Do Malaysians really know their country’s history? Or has it.

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This book contains crisp details of the chola period in Tamilnadu, the culturelifestyle, devotion and many aspects that prevailed during the cholan, with specific importance given to the great king Raja Raja Cholan. Rajaraja invaded Vengi in C. The Inscription talks about three Pidaarers Tamil Saiva Temple Priestswho executed the rebuilding of the dilapidated large hall Thiru Mandapam in front of the royal palace Sivapaathasekara Thiru Maalikai at Sivapaathasekara Mangalam.

That those regiments should have been called after the king or his son shows the attachment which the Chola king bore towards his army. It took less than a decade for him to become the master of southern India.

Without a portrait of the king or verified statue, all only know about his reign, little attests to his potent personality and the firm grasp of his intellect. It is a magnificient haven of architecture, sculpture and paintings. Raja Raja Cholan — Brief History.

We may suppose that Rajaraja entertained a high regard for histpry and that she exercised considerable influence over him and contributed in no small degree to the formation of his character.


During his reign, the Cholas expanded beyond South India [6] [7] with their domains stretching from Sri Lanka in the south to Kalinga in the north.

Early Tamil records date in the regal year of the king to whose time the grants belong, rather than in the Saka or any other well-known era; paleography has been an unreliable guide in understanding South-Indian history. Rajaraja died in C.

An ardent follower of Siva, Rajaraja, nevertheless, displayed tolerance towards other faiths and creeds. I’m missing a lot ,I wish i would born in Rajaraja chola’s period.

He paid meticulous attention to the welfare and comfort of his people. To commemorate these conquests, Rajaraja assumed the title Mummudi Cholaa title used by Tamil kings who ruled the three chklan of CholasPandyas and Cheras. Rajaraja was succeeded by his son, Rajendra Chola who followed the footprints of his father and glorified the Chola Empire even more. Kamal rated it liked it Oct 25, Chola occupation of Sri Lanka In my Board Exam Syllabus.

Feb 05, Dhanesh J rated it really liked it. Show casing the line from what is written in rocks sculptures are awesome.

The Pandyas probably held Kandalur-Salai, which later inscriptions claim to have belonged to the Chera king, when Rajaraja conquered it. First chapter have lot of names with limited introduction that ma Raja raja cholan the great carved his history in many places of Tamil Nadu also carved something cholaan my mind.

Raja Raja Chola I

Kundavai spent her later life in Tanjore with her younger brother and she even survived him. The Vengi kingdom remained independent of the Chola Empire. Raja Raja expelled and killed Bhima before re-establishing Saktivarman I on the throne of Vengi again.


The actual invasion of Vengi must have occurred at a later date than that expedition.

ராஜராஜ சோழன் [Raja Raja Cholan]

Before his time powerful kings of the Pallava, Pandya and Chola dynasties had reigned in the South, and some of them had made extensive conquests. No trivia or quizzes yet. Hitory circumstances that led to the war with the Chalukya king Satyasraya remain unclear. Gunasekaran rated it liked it Mar 06, A reference to cholas. A note to the readers is please dont have Panniyin Selvan in mind histoty you are reading this book.

Notify me of new posts by email. To counter the rising influence of the Western Chalukyas, Rajaraja supported Saktivarman I, an Eastern Chalukya prince in exile in the Chola country after the throne had been usurped by a minor Rashtrakuta king. Rajaraja also expanded his conquests in the north and northwest. Vedic Age to by U. Jain communities and culture in Indian history. The troubles seem to have started with Satayasrya and Rashtrakuta interference in the Vengi affairs.

Raja Raja Chola I Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Northern Wars Expanding raa territory in the north and northwest, Rajaraja captured Nolambapadi, Gangapadi and Tadigaipadi. Retrieved 9 July They apparently enjoyed full responsibility and administration of the region of Paluvur.

This book gives a trustable information of the Chola Dynasty.