9 Oct Hi! It’s quite difficult to be precise in the area which this blog should belongs, SXDA and LSMW are Netweaver components and works cross. SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) (English Edition) eBook: Antje Das Buch ist für Einsteiger, die keinen Zugriff auf die Original-LSMW- Doku. SAP lsmw project FMs (Function Modules). SAPscript: Save text fm – SAVE_TEXT, Complete list of Fms for lsmw project. CJWB_PROJECT_COPY, Anlegen neues Projekt (siehe ), Project Systems – Operative Structures .

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You should transfer the taxes either in the new form or in the old form. The data for the coding block in batch inputis generally displayed on a separate screen. However, numeric and packed fields are an exception. The structures, in detail, are: The document numbermust have 10 characters and the line item 3, and the preceding zerosshould also be entered.

An ID with a maximum of 10 characters that is used as further structuring attribute. Customer-defined batch input structures: Here, you should note thefollowing name differences: The tool supports conversion of data of the legacy system in a convenient way. WelcomeGuest Login Register.

SAP Program RFBIBL00 – Batch Input Documents

Convert data This is the step that actually converts the source data in source format to a target format. If you are alreadyworking with the new, extended structure, then enter the specialcharacter NODATA in this field when “initializing” the structure.


It is present on my PC local drive as C: Permalink May 29, Direct input or call transaction can also be used without the restartmechanism for test purposes.

Save while coming back to the main screen.

The Scenario:

In this step we split the converted file in small chunks, the number of the total IDocs generated is divided into the number of files defined, and this is quite useful, for example: If you do not need certain fields in the standard batch input structuresand do not want to enter the special character NODATA each time, you candefine your own structures that contain only those fields you reallyuse.

The following dokumentationn now exist for transferring taxes: You must be logged in to post a comment.

The values you entered when you recorded the transaction are set by default. Display Converted data Again this is an optional step to view how the source data is converted to internal SAP format.

You then activate the structure. Direct input isonly available for some of the posting options.

Unlashing SXDA and LSMW Part 1 – Definition | SAP Blogs

If you don’t specify any number the system will read all the rows from the flat file. The easiest way is to click on ‘Table Maintenance’ icon to enter Fieldname, Type and Length for each field as shown: You can confirm this by viewing the Material master records MM All objects of the project displays all objects of the selected project as tree structure.


If lzmw select call transaction or direct input, you should definitelyuse the restart mechanism. Extended withholding tax functions: Permalink Jun 12, Information which affects the entire batch input session is defined in the session prefix.


Once you have successfully executed the batch input session, the Material master records are updated in the system. Save while going to main screen.

Project, Subproject and Object: Youcan then see when importing the structure whether the data is based onthe old or the new structure. As we split the file in 5 we need a 1 error file for each to store the erroneous records, more files, easier to find inside the file the error, but we also will see this in the following steps.