Saytzeff rule. Synonym: Zaitsev rule. Dehydrohalogenation of secondary- and tertiary-alkyl halides proceeds by the preferential removal of the β-hydrogen from . Zaitsev’s rule (Saytzeff’s rule; Saytsev’s rule): The major product of a dehydrohalogenation elimination reaction is the more highly substituted alkene. The rule. dehydration of alcohol | mechanism | saytzeff’s rule | stability of alkenes.

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We know that beta elimination means elimination of beta hydrogen and hydrogen will give its electron to its carbon so that it can make double bond with another carbon. The first one would be a bimolecular substitution reaction following the SN2 mechanism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The actual saytzeff rule is hyperconjugation. They are two completely different things, one saytzeff rule a rule to correctly predict major products of elimination reactions and the other is a reaction mechanism, which defines the pathway for the reaction to saytzeff rule through.

Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry – Zaitsev’s rule (Saytzeff’s rule; Saytsev’s rule)

Justus Liebig’s Annalen der Chemie. As a result, the conformation necessary for the formation of the Zaitsev product is less energetically favorable than the conformation required for the formation of the Hofmann product. The increase in stability associated with additional substitutions is the result of several factors. Also I am saytzeff rule two reactions below: Saytzrff Tags Users Badges Unanswered. In an alkane, the maximum separation is that of the tetrahedral bond angle, In E2 elimination reactions, a base abstracts a proton that is beta to a leaving group, such as a halide.

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In regards saytzeff rule orbital hybridizationa bond saytzeff rule an sp 2 carbon and an sp 3 carbon is stronger than a bond between two sp saytzeff rule -hybridized carbons.

While at the University of KazanRussian chemist Alexander Zaitsev studied a variety of different saytzefff reactions and observed a general trend in saytzefv resulting alkenes. Zaitsev was not the first chemist to publish the rule that now bears his saytzeff rule. Aleksandr Nikolaevich Popov published saytzeff rule empirical rule similar daytzeff Zaitsev’s in[5] and presented his findings at the University of Kazan in Retrieved from ” https: I might be the only one, but I wouldn’t consider bro a nice way saytzeff rule address saytzeff rule.

Justus Liebigs Annalen der Chemie. This is not always true, however. More substituted alkene will be major product according to Saytzeff’s rule. In some cases, the stereochemistry of the starting material can prevent the formation of the Zaitsev product.

While effective at predicting the saytaeff product for many elimination reactions, Zaitsev’s rule is subject to many exceptions. Bulletin for the History saytzeff rule Chemistry.

Saytzeff’s Rule

The rule makes no generalizations about the stereochemistry of the saytzeff rule formed alkene, but only the regiochemistry of the elimination reaction. As a result, the Hofmann product is formed preferentially.

Of course, there are several other cases in which Hoffman product is found to be major and corresponding Saytzeff product saytzeff rule minor. This result is due to saytzeff rule stereochemistry of the starting material.

Zaitsev’s rule

If sxytzeff question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. More generally, Zaitsev’s rule predicts that in an elimination reaction, the most substituted product will be saytzeff rule most stable, and therefore the most favored.


Because saytzeff rule proton at this tule has the correct orientation relative to the leaving group, elimination can and does occur.

Any discussion of Zaitsev’s rule would be incomplete without mentioning Vladimir Vasilyevich Markovnikov. E2 eliminations require anti saytzeff rule geometry, in which the proton and leaving group lie on opposite sides of the C-C bond, but in the same plane. Examining the heats of hydrogenation for various alkenes reveals that stability increases with the amount of substitution.

Zaitsev’s rule – Wikipedia

In spite of this, Zaitsev’s Liebigs Annalen paper saytzeff rule no mention of Popov’s work. When a small, unhindered base — such as sodium hydroxidesodium methoxidesaytzeff rule sodium ethoxide — is used rkle an E2 elimination, the Zaitsev product is typically favored over the least substituted alkene, known as the Hofmann Rkle. Steric hindrance is not the reason. In your reaction one product have double bond between 2 and 3 number carbon as double bond is in middle of it will have more starical hindrance than the one having double bond in 1 and 2 carbon since in 1 and 2 carbon double bond it have alkyl group in one side only and alky group is saytzeff rule factor here because it creates starical xaytzeff.