yee shuka saptati grandam gurunchi nenu vinnanu online lo chadive avakasam ravadam chala goppadi very nice and rare book. 2, Views. 3 Favorites. 19 Jan [1] Sukasaptati (Shuka Saptati) is constructed from the Sanskrit words shuka ( parrot) and saptati (seventy). The earliest surviving Sukasaptati. About the Book Shuka saptati or seventy Tales of the Parrot is a famous cycle of stories in Sanskrit literature. The tales are told by a pet parrot to its young.

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One day, she saw a handsome young Brahmin who was visiting the village. The stories are supposed to be narrated to a woman by her pet parrotat the rate of saotati story every night, in order to dissuade her from going out to meet her paramour when her husband is away. Dimah rated it liked it Aug 25, Will again purchase books from you.

Calista rated it liked it Aug 25, Return to Book Page. She sought adulterous affairs, but no other men would have sex with her because they feared her husband. This page suka last edited on 11 Februaryat Some deal with other tricky situations that one can encounter in life and of them some have been lifted straight from the Panchatantra.

Though the actual purpose of the parrot is to prevent its mistress from leaving, it does so without moralising. The main story is that of Madana Vinoda, the wayward son of a merchant, and his wife Padmavati. Most of the stories are ribald and uninhibited, with some verging on the pornographic.

Shuka Saptati: Seventy Tales of the Parrot – Google Books

But then I fell into bad company, and wanted to take a lover. Ryder Silvestre de Sacy C.


By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. The wife manages it by having her lover dress up as a lunatic and grab her — as a result, she is able to truthfully swear that no one except her husband and the lunatic has ever touched her in her life. Afterwards you can listen to this long story if your pretty eyes are still interested.


Parasites surround the young, rich son of a merchant whom the courtesan and her keeper ensnare like bees around a lotus. Retrieved from ” https: Suruchika rated it it was ok Jul 26, Some others of this type, for example, tales 49, 63 and 68, are obscure and obviously incomplete in the form in which they have come down.

There are few circumlocutions or polite allusions in its references to sexual and other transgressions, and the language is often blunt, sometimes to the point of crude humor.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ashok Krishna marked it as to-read Feb 07, Special appreciation is due to my son Vikram and his wife Annika for their computer assistance at a crucial juncture. A lover, once stripped of his wealth, must be humiliated until shhuka disappears like frost in summer. The parrot laughed and said: The typical story involves a wife being surprised by her husband while she is in the act of committing adultery.

Consider, for example, the story on the eleventh evening. Several quotations were later interpolations, shhuka instance those from the Kama Sutra in tale 57 classifying lovers and beds.

I would also like to thank Arpita Das for helping to edit the copy for publication and Oroon Das for designing the cover. The simplicior version is considered to be older. Meera rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Subsequent quotes in the above paragraph are from id. The skirts I ordered are absolutely beautiful! Join other followers.

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Sashenka marked it as to-read Satati 02, The parrot told such stories for seventy nights and kept Prabhavati at home while her merchant husband was away. Exotic India has excellent and speedy service. Including the frame and an introductory story, there are altogether seventy-two tales in the Shuka Saptati.

Yifa Rachael rated it it was amazing Shukka 05, Jeremy added it Nov 15, An eastern Rajasthani version of the Shuka Saptati has been recorded as derived zhuka another Sanskrit recension by Devadatta, son of Purushottama Deva. Marco added it Dec 16, Anish Sharma marked it as to-read Dec 16, Blog Statshits. This in turn was translated into Turkish and formed the basis for the German translation, which was the first one into a Western language.

Asseel Salama rated it liked it Jan 25, Apart from the invocation, the stanzas interspersing the prose text of the Shuka Saptati are of three kinds: The work is presently extant in two Sanskrit recessions.

Brahma is clearly of limited intelligence — he makes valuable wool grow on the sheep but not on the much larger elephant. This pattern is repeated for sixty-nine evenings, during which the bird continues to distract the heroine from going to meet a lover with tales of cunning escapes out of complicated situations.