William Brinkley, Author Viking Books $ (0p) ISBN The Nathan James is apparently the only ship afloatuntil it meets a Russian sub. Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric. 28 May The Paperback of the The Last Ship by William Brinkley at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Please believe me, you want to have those essential tools with you reading this one. The one really thought provoking bit to come out of this – there’s one interesting section of dialogue where the Captain speaks with the last ship william brinkley Russian sub commander, and they both share that prior to the war, they both viewed it as inevitable.

It had the feel of an “epic” about it. The premise was very interesting, being the reason I picked up the book in the first place. It soon became clear that the key for reading The Last Ship was not to savor every word as one does when reading a truly great author, where it is clear that every word was carefully chosenbut to quickly the last ship william brinkley over many sections of the captain’s verbosity, while looking for some forward movement of the plot.

Hold on to your hats for this batshittery, folks Don Taylor There’s a kindle edition available on amazon https: Regarded one way, it was a charming tableau, a girl and a boy kneeling at a brook, their faces wet from the tasting of it At times the verbose posturing almost feels parodic. Quotes from The Last Ship. And I liked it the last ship william brinkley as much on this second reading.

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Throughout, the crew salvages relatively uncontaminated farming equipment, plants, and even two goats from a small island to potentially start farming any hospitable land. The two ships meet in the Mediterranean Sea where the two captains agree to help each other.

The wlliam is simply too constricting for my taste. On its voyage of trying to find them, the Nathan James comes across a Russian submarine.

Not only this, but he spends a vast amount of time having strange internal meditations on the beauty of nature–not wrong in itself but a little odd given the circumstances. Some of that was necessary and some Wow.

The Last Ship

One could safely say that his editor deserved to be keelhauled. They notice a pattern where the amount of fallout increases with the size of nearby landmasses. And that perspective is of the singularly incurious and emotionally flat captain.

I get that some authors write like Hemingway and some write like Joyce, and it is a matter of thw, and not necessarily literary merit, which a reader prefers. I’ve decided to give this book two stars rather than one, because there were a few small positives.

I’m profoundly moved by thhe book, but possibly not for the reasons the author wanted me to be. I imagine that in the the last ship william brinkley hands, or with a brutal editor, it could have been a true classic. They work out a system to allow genetic diversity with anonymous fatherhood, with the women always in strict control. Ultimately Nathan James and her crew find their Pacific Ocean island that they call home, pristine, habitable, and quite a nice place considering the ravages of their previous explorations.


In fact, accepting the book along these terms is what allowed me to enjoy it. That is especially the case here.

Reviewers I have read seem to think that this book sho I liked this book. Other than that, this is one incredible read.

The Last Ship by William Brinkley

Gripping story of an American nuclear brinley that luckily, miraculously, survived nuclear fallout and searches for uncontaminated land to live on while also stretching fuel and food reserves enough to tie them over until they can find more or produce more. The book is consistently interesting, though long and wordy. It took me about a month of 2 and 3 hours days of reading to finish.

Dec 31, Leah Hanley rated it it was amazing Shelves: The guided missile destroyer U. Every sailor in the book is portrayed as being brilliant but humble, assertive but open-minded, capable and hard-working; it was wwilliam tiring. The last ship william brinkley willima it out for a hundred pages, and here’s what I can tell you about the plot: He wants the best for his the last ship william brinkley, which is admirable, but he just comes across as dumb and incompetent.