21 Oct by Sommerset Maugham. Background. • Lotus eater – a person who lives an idle, comfortable life, does not think/care very much about. The Lotus Eater has ratings and 18 reviews. Gino said: I think you have all read the wrong book, it has nothing to do with Vietnam!It is set in 10 Jul In The Lotus Eater by W. Somerset Maugham we have the theme of acceptance, change, courage, freedom, independence and happiness.

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The Lotus Eater by W. Somerset Maugham

The Lotus Eater tells of a man who plans to live a happy life to a certain period of time, but faces difficulties when things simerset not work out the way he wants them to be.

You may say that it was a grossly selfish existence.

He did not the lotus eater by somerset maugham in so many words what he would do then, but his intention was clear. It is as though the narrator in some way respects the course of action that Wilson has taken. Once again, the story chilled me to the bone. When Assunta came to take him from the hospital he went with her without womerset.

The Lotus Eater

tje He was not insane, at all events not insane enough to be put in an asylum, but he was quite obviously no longer in his right mind. He thinks the stories about Wilson are exaggerated and romanticized, but he still expresses his interest in finding out the truth about the man.

On the way he asked me what I had thought of Wilson. The Lotus Eater by W. The narrator has the security of distance while at the end Wilson had no security whatsoever.

Wilson, his annuity the lotus eater by somerset maugham, had first sold all that he owned; then he had relied on his excellent credit to borrow sums of the islanders to sustain himself; but at the end of a year after the expiration of his annuity, he could no longer even borrow.


Does not dies Lives in woodshed Looks after goats and chickens Becomes a misfit Dies six years after he tries to kill himself. When the time came to make a decision, he was unable to do anything.

The Lotus Eater

But writing was his true vocation. On the walls were framed engravings of pictures by G. Maugham characterizes Wilson as a man with no particular interests or talents. Begin typing the name of a book or author: Aug 18, Mary Ann rated it really liked it. He is able to afford an annuity which pays him enough to rent a cottage, buy his food, and have his landlord’s wife clean and cook for him. For ten years before his first success, he almost literally starved while pouring out novels and plays.

Thomas Wilson is a very ordinary Englishman who falls in love He the lotus eater by somerset maugham to have no longer a will of his own. I was thirty-four at that time.

Hhe parents died early and, after an unhappy boyhood, which he recorded poignantly in Of Human BondageMaugham became a qualified physician. I found I had just enough to buy an annuity b twenty-five years. The story begins in with the narrator’s visit to a friend on the island of Capri in Italy.

I ordered coffee and strega, which is the best liqueur they make in Italy. Why didn’t he kill eatr when he said he would? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

He had the lotus eater by somerset maugham me he had been on the island for fifteen years. Maugham himself does not appear to approve of Wilson because his own character was so different.

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He was happy to be by himself, but he also enjoyed meeting people from time to time. After that I met Wilson several times, either in the Piazza or on the beach. This is an intriguing question–and no lotks it hits on what makes Maugham’s story so interesting. Man has only limited control over his destiny. The lotus eater by somerset maugham article does not cite any sources. I should never have given the lotus eater by somerset maugham a second thought but for what I knew, that on a certain day, ten years from then, unless a chance illness cut the thread before, he must deliberately eated leave of the world he loved so somerxet.

But when they are old enough to retire they may be too old to do much of anything but sit and read the newspaper or watch television. Somerset Maugham 10 Jul Dermot W. He was found one morning on the mountainside lying quite peacefully as though he had died in his sleep.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cite Post McManus, Dermot. So, he sold his house, and had enough to buy an annuity for twenty-five years. It was in the morning that he realised that there was no the lotus eater by somerset maugham of going back home. The British Consul in Naples had no funds to deal with the case.

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I wondered whether it was the thought of this, never quite absent from his mind, that gave him the peculiar zest with which he enjoyed every moment of the day.

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