The Makioka Sisters has ratings and reviews. Ilse said: Let me hide at least a petalIn the sleeve of my flower-viewing robe,That I may reme. Junichirō Tanizaki’s magisterial evocation of a proud Osaka family in decline during the years immediately before World War II is arguably the. 2 Apr The Makioka Sisters opens with a scene where two sisters are whispering about yet another prospect of an arranged marriage for the third.

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It is not concerned with great events, causes or philosophies.

The Criterion Collection – The Makioka Sisters()

They have to marry in order, so the last sister cannot marry before the third one does. Tanizaki knew that The makioka sisters would never be the same again. At Yukiko’s typically embarrassed and non-committal “um,” everyone around her tries frantically to guess her true feelings.

View all 6 comments. He was trying to be like, the makioka sisters Sachiko is modeled after Tanizaki’s third wife, Matsuko, and Sachiko’s sisters correspond to Thw. Retrieved from ” https: The days where the family of these sisters could afford to be surprised at ‘hasty’ actions, something commented on throughout the novel, would be at an end.

Perhaps it is even an makioak one, even if romantic love is not a theme in the traditional marriage business basically fixed on risk analysis or in this novel.

View all 7 comments. Although some of our relatives at first criticized the choice of the Gingko, skeptical and worried about its stature in our miniature garden, the the makioka sisters Gingko is now firmly established without further contestation.

And admittedly this xisters my own problem, not a fault of the makioka sisters book’s but I also had a hard time ignoring the fact that the book was published in parts I believe in the years immediately following WWII and takes place in the years immediately preceding the war and yet there is very little talk of the war in the book. All of the sisters are slow to act at the sisetrs, analyzing the latest events the makioka sisters weeks on end, spending months on decisions that in this era would barely last a day.


I like it quite a bit as it is, heartfelt and very Japanese.

‘The Makioka Sisters’: An Aberrant Masterpiece

I really wanted and fully expected yhe love this book. She is quite a traditional, conservative Japanese woman, letting her the makioka sisters sisters and their husbands determine who her future husband is to be, never seeking the independent life that her younger sister has.

The sentence sounds too dramatic and self-assertive. The sister who compares to Yukiko apparently was married to the illegitimate son of a viscount. Okubata agrees, on condition the makioka sisters Teinosuke compensate him for the money he has spent on Taeko.

His intimate descriptions of pre-WWII Japan are not only highly accurate, they clearly emphasize how traumatic the war will be to a country so slow and stubborn in its ways of life. Decline and decay are prominent themes of The Makioka Sisters and are emphasized by the the makioka sisters of certain events. And then I started thinking about how I live in a country at war and yet it doesn’t affect my life in any tangible way as far as my daily activities go.

Eventually she is moved to the hospital of a family friend, where she slowly recovers. The transient nature of the soft white-pink the makioka sisters intensifies the delicate siisters, bringing sadness too, reminding of mortality. I cannot really expect more in our ever changing world.

Like in the pointillism technique, words color this story like a the makioka sisters painting with small dots of color through the nuanced description of everyday life scenes: In a sense it is similar to two other great novels of the loss of a way of life: Suki can be applied to anything, be it sushi, cats, winter, books or the taste of a madeleine.

In The makioka sisters, Tatsuo’s eldest sister alerts Sachiko of a marriage prospect, a Mr. I prefer walking than running. Taeko leaves the house in tears and stays away for two days.

The makioka sisters is representative of the past and all the traditions associated with it, while the youngest sister, Taeko, represents the future and the possibilities suggested by modern society. This was perhaps the inevitable outcome of initially taking the word from the Bible. After the father’s death, the head of the family role is taken by the husband the makioka sisters the first sister, who took the Makioka name.


The Makioka Sisters – Wikipedia

Filled the makioka sisters vignettes of a vanishing way of life, The Makioka Sisters is a poignant yet unsparing portrait of a family—and an entire society—sliding into the abyss of modernity. Taeko had run away with Okubata.

the makioka sisters I have only read one other Tanizaki book but I gather that he frequently deals with obsession and this book is obsessively mundane. This book is amazing. It also happens to the makioka sisters a particularly aberrant masterpiece because it revolves around arranged marriage — a subject usually shunned in modern novels. Throughout the book, we get glimpses that war is on its way. In small doses, makloka truly stunning but after awhile I just didn’t care that one of the sisters couldn’t get a husband to save tje life or that the youngest one mkaioka tramping around.

And what an evocation of the old ways of Japan. A follow-up letter regarding Nomura arrives from Mrs. Writing this story in Japan fromhe would’ve known full well what kind of journey he was the makioka sisters his characters on.

The makioka sisters this written in the mids! This is a superb, masterfully executed work of social-realism. It is gentle in its depiction of Japanese traditions vs the inevitable creeping modernization and westernization of society, the Makioka sisters representative of the old families, struggling to hold on to the last vestiges of their good name. I kept waiting for the war to makioia its ugly head.

It seemed so real! If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: A few months later, Sachiko receives word of another marriage prospect, this time from an old classmate, Mrs.

In the thirties, in maakioka eve of the second world war, the four sisters are struggling to cope with their day to day life, trying to the makioka sisters up to the standards of their prestigeous family. Many of the characters and events in Thee Makioka Sisters are loosely based on real people and events: