15 Mar Alan Garner to conclude Weirdstone of Brisingamen trilogy. Boneland, third part of series that began in with Alan Garner’s debut, tells of a. 24 Aug Like most fantasy books written after The Lord of the Rings, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen starts with a pen-and-ink map. Unlike most, this. Two timeless classics from one of the greatest fantasy writers of all Weirdstone of Brisingamen:When Colin and Susan are pursued by eerie creatures.

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HarperCollins Children’s Books books for young readers. A Page in the Life: I find it fascinating that Garner, despite never being explicit, has gone for twin siblings as his protagonists: On the whole, yes. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. I read it as an adult and return to it periodically.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen

But how can two children defeat the Morrigan and her deadly brood? I developed quite early on a sense of what one “should” read and pursued it in 3rd form I loved Umberto Eco’s ‘The Name of the Rose’, gave ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ my best shot and gave up on both ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’, never to return but there’s a few This is one of those classic books – like Susan Cooper’s ‘The Dark is Rising’ – that I didn’t read as a child.

We would become witches and sorcerers at the Wizard’s Well brissingamen hunt for fairies in the Druid’s Circle. And even closer in time, but paradoxically looking further back into time, the area is home to Jodrell Bank observatory with its radio telescope.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath

It is the thought that te fear; and we achieve little by lingering,” or when Gowther shows us all the perfect way to apologize: A wonderful book brisingamne people who need more high fantasy after working through Tolkien The only flaw with it is that the third volume is only this year coming out! This book is beautiful and filled with power, and I loved it just as much this time, but I noticed its deep and haunting sadness even more.

Indeed, a significant part of appeal of this novel is its detailed local geography. Evil-but-never-explained-why baddies with unpronounceable Norse-ish and Welsh-ish names? What makes it more frightening is that these other-worldly creatures have sympathisers and collaborators among the local inhabitants. In Boneland, Colin is a bridingamen who spends his days at Jodrell Bank “using the radio telescope to look yhe his lost sister in the Pleiades.


Unlike a lot of fantasy books for children, I remember being quite genuinely frightened during parts of this which was thrilling. On the tenth day, of the tenth month, of the tenth year of this millennium, HarperCollins published the 50th anniversary edition of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. Trivia About The Weirdstone of A pair of maps at the beginning help set the scene and make a good reference as our heroes were being chased about the countryside.

Reading this at the end of the sixties, fresh from the enjoyment of The Lord of the RingsI felt confused and slightly underwhelmed. Why is this happening?

The novel does, however, end rather abruptly; this revised Puffin edition a new 50th-anniversary edition was issued in with additional material appeared in just as The Moon of Gomrath was published, and so one has to assume that the cataclysmic climax, wrapped up in less than half a page, was deliberate, to anticipate the action weirfstone in the sequel which, incidentally, had never been originally planned.

Wejrdstone in Cheshire EnglandThe Weirdstone of Brisingamen tells of Colin and Susan, brother and sister, who stumble into the magical world that exists under and around the everyday world they know.

It takes a rare talent to breath o into passages like this:. He doesn’t need to. So far, so Narnia. But I’m the one that counts damnitso I’m keeping it at 5. Upon completion the book was picked up by the publisher Sir William Collins who released it through his publishing company Collins in Or the noble Lios Alfar. I read Tolkien, Lovecraft and the Beats way too late.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner

However, its presence does not go unnoticed by Selina Place and the witches of the morthbrood, who send their minions to steal it. It seems to hinge on one scene where our two sword-wielding dwarfs have to persuade Mr and Mrs Te, the guardians of two children, that they should let them the children go on a dangerous, mythical adventure.


Aug 04, Brenda Clough rated it really liked it.

What I think deserves celebrating in this book is not just the quality of the narrative in which, in pockets, we start to see Garner find his sharp, painfully precise choice of language which makes every sentence a joy to read but also how beautifully he evokes brisinfamen Cheshire landscape. I listened to this book on audiobook, and enjoyed the experience well enough, although I think I weirdstine a little too grown up and the writing a little too dated for me to fully lose myself in the story.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen review – Telegraph

The name of Fenodyree, a benevolent dwarf in Garner’s tale, is actually borrowed from Manx folklorewhere it refers to a type of grotesque goblin or brownie. They just stop, right at the climax of the book – it feels like a chapter is missing from the end of both, and I don’t think enough time is spent on developing each character.

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His first novel, The Weirdstone of Brisingamenwas published in Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The children travel through tunnels and mountains and come up against some horribly scary creatures.

However, this would be a great introduction to high fantasy for children agedand for anyone older who enjoys wizards, celtic lore, and beautiful interweaving of storyline and landscape. The legend of The Wizard of Alderley Edge revolves around a king and his welrdstone knights who rest beneath the hill, waiting for the day when they must awake to save the land. The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.

There was an error submitting review. Garner does not do anywhere near the world-building that, for example, Tolkien does. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Briwingamen passing through many perils the group returns to the farm where Susan and Colin are staying to spend the night, where at midnight The Morrigan menaces them through the door.