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The book is split up into the weeks of pregnancy. Coo,e have been teaching kids to swim for over 30 years, delivering more than 14 million lessons!

I recommend this book to all mums, its full of tue practical non preachy advice! Aug 26, Elisabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: Reviewed by Shakeyshake 18 May This book was a bit too silly and fluffy for me. I found the way she talks about what to eat, exercise and how to manage weight gain particularly problematic.

But I still wanted info. This book is by no means comprehensive but it does help to navigate through the plethora of information out there for pregnant kwz and helps it dhff feel a bit less overwhelming.

As mentioned, you’d have to be selective over what to include in a book designed to cover 43 weeks – that’s a long time, and a lot happens during pregnancy, childbirth and the first couple of weeks. But still giving you all the information your Dr doesn’t if you have a crap one, or at least helps you to know cookee you should be asking your Dr at your next appointment. It was funny and a page turner I lend it to every pregnant woman I can, and this book has helped three women through four pregnancies so far, including me on my second now.

I found that this book was easy sand entertaining to read and I learned so much from it.

Up the Duff: The Real Guide to Pregnancy by Kaz Cooke

A must read for new mums. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping on your right side, or even your back – there is an important artery that the weight of the baby can compress, blocking blood flow, but you will turn over if it gets uncomfortable. According to some pregnancy experts, this week dufff foetus can make facial expressions.

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Best of all it’s realistic and non-judgmental. Reviewed duuff Littlemissmetal 28 March iaz Please call the relevant shop for the most current stock information.

There is some excellent info in this book about everything from food cravings to crying babies; it’s well-researched and everything’s been run past medical experts and other professionals. As it turned out, nothing went wrong with me or my baby, and in hindsight Kaz’s book Up The Duff was the most enjoyable book to celebrate my pregnancy. Honestly, the more I read, the more it stressed me out, and stress, as Murkoff kept emphasising, is bad for the baby.

For example, under Week 36 Cooke discusses late babies and induction methods. You need a good sense of humour and read your week each week and don’t skip ahead and it’s a bit of fun. Change to standard view.

Aswell as offering week by week information of baby’s progress and size, I found this book great entertainment and Duf love the comical approach she uses.

As did the suggestion that continuing regular thf was a must! Reviewed by Noonanup 6 April Kidwrangling is funny, reassuring and practical, Basically, for me, reading Up the Duff offered a lot of comfort and practical info.

Up the Duff – Kaz Cooke

Now that I have had my baby I find this book quite negative about natural births and limited in upp options. I asked for books u; wouldn’t scare me about pregnancy and this is perfect. I first read this when pregnant with 1 several years ago.

This book was definitely for me, but may not be for every one. Im now reading it for a second time, after we had another sucessfull ivf attempt. Book ratings by Goodreads. I purchased this book when I first fell pregnant, I found it to be quite witty light humour whilst still being in formative on a week to week basis. In an effort to make her relatable, I found her increasingly hard to relate to. So it feels like many chapters are either padded with unnecessary information, or there is information plonked un-chronologically into chapters, in order to even-out duvf Jeepers.


This book takes you week by week through the journey of pregnancy. If you read the book all in one go, I think you’d find it overwhelming, purely by dint of subject matter. In all honesty, I have to disagree with most of the reviews.

At one point I became convinced I was going to give birth to a giant museli. I brought this after reading the reviews here and after a good friend recommend it. Initially I liked this book and its casual and relatable approach to pregnancy.

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oaz Baby-led Weaning Gill Rapley. I read that the new revised edition – with a yellow cover instead of the lime-green one I’ve got – goes into more detail on early labour and labour complications, which is good. Would recommend to all. The jovial nature of Kaz Cooke’s writing shone a new, silly light on pregnancy and made it OK to laugh at it. Practical information on preparing for your newborn often comes weeks in advance, giving you, well, time to prepare.

And, at a couple of times when certain information would really have been useful, it wasn’t in the book.

Up the Duff

It was a really good read and made me feel a little bit more comfortable with my own pregnancy reading about the authors experiences and baby development stages in the womb. And she includes the first few weeks after the birth as well, which is incredibly helpful because the prospect of having a completely vulnerable creature being entirely dependant on you is utterly terrifying. Kaz Cooke’s pregnancy bible ‘Up The Duff’ is a cherished, recommended and important resource for all pregnant women.

The following months for her are a struggle.